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Changing the Behavior of Quicksearch Autofill Fields


When managing records in Sugar®, some fields pertain to a relationship and as you type text in the field, a search is performed to find relevant matches. On high-performance systems, this method of querying can lead to unintended results because the query returns quickly before the user has finished typing the full string they wish to search.


This change requires a code-level customization, which requires direct access to the server to perform the necessary actions.


This problem can be best described when creating a record such as a Quote. In the Billing Contact field, you may want to find a contact named Jordan. As you begin typing the name, the system performs a query on the string "Jo" and finds "John" before "Jordan". Since the match is returned quickly, the remainder of typing will not find any additional matches since John as already been identified as the most likely match.


A system administrator can enforce a strict delay on quicksearch fields so that a search will not be performed until X number of seconds have elapsed after a user last stopped typing. To add this parameter, open the config_override.php file located in the root directory of Sugar and enter the following code:

$sugar_config['quicksearch_querydelay'] = 1;

The value is in whole seconds and it is recommended not to exceed 1 second unless explicitly requested by your users. Anything longer than 1 second could annoy the users due to an extended wait. Once this code is entered, save the file. Users must log out and clear their browser cache before this change is reflected in their instance of Sugar.


Last modified: 2018-05-11 05:03:09