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About PHP Notices, Warnings, and Errors


PHP provides various levels of feedback to developers in the form of notices, warnings and on occasion errors. Some of these can be ignored and are only used to inform programmers of best practices (and violations there of) and others, such as errors, as you suspect, need to be addressed.

Recommendations for Sugar

With regards to SugarCRM we recommend turning display errors to off. This will prevent all of these notifications from being written to the screen and will shield users from being distracted by warnings and notices. You can change this setting for on-site (self-hosted) instances by locating your php.ini file and making sure the display_errors = Off. You will need to restart the web server for these changes to take effect.

If at any time you suspect a PHP error is interfering with the application (commonly evidenced by a blank page) please follow the steps outlined in the article Troubleshooting Blank Pages.

To summarize: Warnings and Notices can be ignored and only fatal errors which interfere with the execution of the application need to be reported to support.

Last modified: 2016-08-30 18:10:02