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Outlook Plug-in

The Outlook Plug-in section covers topics such as working with and troubleshooting Sugar's Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. User Guides, Installation Guides, Release Notes, and Supported Platforms are also available from the MS Outlook Plug-in documentation page. 


    Once you have installed Sugar's Plug-In for Outlook, you can use the plug-in to sync your Outlook contacts to Sugar.
    Once an email has been archived to Sugar using the Sugar Plug-In for Outlook, some users may find that the email appears as a task in their Outlook To-Do list.
    If you cannot connect to your Sugar server through the Sugar Plug-in for Outlook, it could be because your server supports only HTTPS.
    Users can easily archive email messages to Sugar using the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. This article covers what to do if email attachments do not carry over to Sugar with the messages as expected.
    If you are trying to use Sugar's Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook but do not see the Sugar options in Outlook's ribbon, this article will guide you through verifying that the plug-in is active and enabled in Microsoft Outlook.
    The Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to easily archive new and existing Outlook emails to Sugar and relate them to records in any module (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, etc.) that has a relationship to the Emails module and that you have access to by virtue of your Sugar teams and roles. When archiving emails to Sugar there may be occassions where the email fails to archive with an error. This article covers the potential causes for the error to occur and some possible ways to resolve the email archiving issue.
    Installing the Outlook Plug-In on Microsoft Vista fails with the following error:
    After having installed the Sugar Outlook Plug-In correctly, and defined the right settings in Tools -> Sugar options, you can't synchronize; the splash screen is displayed and the system is frozen. You have to kill your Outlook process to have
    Sugar's Plug-In for Outlook allows you the option to have Sugar's version or Outlook's version prevail when there is a conflict in the data you are synchronizing. This option can be set in Outlook under Sugar Options which is available either in Tools > Sugar Options or in File > Sugar > Sugar Options depending on your version of Outlook.
    This article makes use of a tool called ProxyTrace available from PocketSOAP. The ProxyTrace tool allows us to view the XML data transferred between the Outlook plug-in and your SugarCRM server.

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