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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.


The Reports section includes topics covering advanced analytics, data fields, tables, and the report wizard.


    Use custom reports to create a report that includes all contacts in a distribution list.
    The following use case demonstrates using a custom report to find which contacts have not been engaged in the last six months using the SalesfusionLastActivity field, which provides a timestamp of a record's last activity.
    The following use case demonstrates using a custom report to find which email recipients did not open an email.
    Many people who utilize the Sugar Market platform don't actually do it from within our UI, but remain in their CRM and send one-off emails to one contact at a time. While it might appear as if we don't keep a list of these emails, they are at least readily available in the contact's journey.
    Custom reports created before the V13.35 release of Sugar Market that contain custom date fields will include both the date and time in the HTML report. This article explains how to remove the time from these reports. New reports created as of the V13.35 release will automatically handle custom date fields correctly.
    Email link-click activity is recorded for both human clicks and bot clicks and is reported separately in standard reports. Custom reports include both by default, but can be filtered to include only one type, as described in the Custom Reports section below.
    Sugar Market's web analytics platform differs from other web analytics platforms like Google Analytics or Web Trends. Sugar Market focuses on B2B conversion where Google Analytics focuses on eCommerce applications. While most web analytic platforms are mainly concerned about keyword traffic and unique site visits, Sugar Market's platform was built to profile the individual user based on their interaction with your website or landing page.

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