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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Redirect Links


Redirect Links provide a less intrusive solution for marketers to track individual web activity for things such as asset downloads or any other particular clicks that would not typically register as a new page hit in your Web Tracker.

From a prospect's perspective, they are simply browsing your website as they would any other, but Sugar Market is able to leverage redirect links to capture important details from a cookied user without disrupting their browsing. These are often used in place of a web form to protect specific assets, such as a PDF of product specs. Redirect Links live within the Landing Page feature in Sugar Market, allowing the marketer to take advantage of alerts, routing, and list generation from the activity of the contact.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. From the Landing Pages Library, create a new Landing Page (do not use the wizard)
  2. Enter a landing page name and select the type as 'Redirect'. Enter a description (Such as the name and location of the specific asset/link this redirect link is protecting).
  3. Choose "Classic Landing Page" and click create.lp redirect properties
  4. Once inside of the Landing Page Properties, scroll down and edit Page 1
  5. Enter a unique Page Title (important for lead scoring), the URL where the end user will be redirected to, and a description.
  • You can also place the user in a Trigger email campaign IF they are known to the system by their email address and a browser cookie.
  • Click Save & Return
  • Test your redirect:
    • Inside of the Landing Page Properties, click on the "Testing" tab.
    • Copy & paste the URL into a new tab to confirm that you are routed to the correct URL
  • Use the Copy & Paste URL from the testing tab to replace the hyperlink on your website initially linking to the case study

**ProTip: Create a folder within your Landing Pages to store all redirect links.

Last modified: 2020-04-14 15:16:59