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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Viewing your Account Scores

View All Accounts by Score

The View All Accounts page gives you the ability to view all your accounts, their scores, and sort by key accounts.

Click on the menu and navigate to Manage > CRM > Accounts to reach the View All Accounts page. This grid allows you to sort your accounts by score to view all your highest scoring accounts first, sort by key accounts to easily engage with them, to search for a specific account to see its score, or drill down further into the account details and select it as a key account.


Account Card

Drill down into the account card to select an account as a key account, view its score, as well as drill down into each contact and leads individual scores.

The account card can be found by clicking on the menu icon and navigating to Manage > CRM > Accounts > Double click on an account. View all leads and contacts in the account by click on the Contacts tab from the Account Card.


Viewing all your Key Accounts from the Global Dashboard

You can quickly engage with and find a list of all your key accounts on the Global Dashboard by looking for the card labeled "Marketing Qualified Accounts".

This card will show you on the surface your Top 5 accounts ranked by highest account score first. Expand the card to see all your key accounts alongside the score, the most recent activity of any contacts in the account, and demographics of the account such as industry, city, state, and the account owner.

Lead/Contact Card

You can analyze all of an account's leads and contacts directly from the contact card by drilling down into a specific contact and selecting the "Account Contacts" tab. This will show you all the records in the account, their score for the selected scoring profile on the contact card, and the records Last Activity Date which reflects the records most recent action such as an email open, landing page completion, web visit, etc.

Last modified: 2020-04-14 14:26:12