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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Testing Landing Pages

Step-By-Step Guide

There are a number of items to test for your landing page:

Test 1- Test the link to the landing page

  1. From the landing page, open the "Testing" tab & copy the link. Important Note: The landing page URL will change when placed in a browser. Do not copy the landing page URL from the browser and send it to someone to test. Any landing page URL's with "msgid" or "preview" should not be shared.
    • Example of a correct Landing page URL:
    • Example of an incorrect Landing page URL:
  2. Create a hyperlink in your email to the Landing Page URL. (Pro Tip: don't forget to also include the URL in the text only version. You may even want to use the URL Shortener for your text only version).
  3. Send yourself a test email and click on the link. Make sure it works correctly.

Test 2- Test how the HTML renders

  1. View the Landing Page in various browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are the most common.
  2. Resize the window to make sure all monitor sizes display the Landing Page in a way that matches your branding requirements.
  3. It is also recommended to view on a mobile device (Android & iPhone are the most common), as well as a tablet.

Test 3- Test the questions

  1. Complete the form.
  2. Do the appropriate values appear in your dropdowns?
  3. Try entering a poorly formatted email (ie. name@domain but forgetting the '.com'). Do you get an error?

Test 4- Test the routing of responses back to CRM

  1. If choosing to map form completions to your CRM, make sure you test the functionality.
  2. After completing the form, open your email address in your CRM. Do you see your form completion listed in your recent activity?
  3. Are you able to update values in your CRM, like phone number or address?

Note: It may take 15+ minutes to see this activity in your CRM, depending on where you are in the sync cycle for your CRM.

Test 5- Test the routing to the Thank You Page
Make sure you are taken to the Thank You page upon form completion. It's wise to view this in various browsers and window sizes, like you did for the first page of the form.

Test 6- Verify that any triggers with assets are is delivered & the link works.
Upon form completion, make sure any associated triggers show up in your inbox and the link to any assets work.

Note: If using lead forms, it is suggested to test the dummy landing page first, then test the lead form within your website. Separating the testing allows you to identify where in the process (the lead form or the dummy landing page) an error may exist.

Last modified: 2022-07-19 17:26:32