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Sharing a Landing Page through Social Networks

How can I share my Landing Page?

In one click you can share your Landing Page on any of the following networks: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Bookmark on Google, Google +, LinkedIn, MySpace, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumbler, or via Email. In addition, you may use the URL Shortener to generate a custom, character-friendly URL to share on the web. You may also generate QR Codes under the QR Image Tab to connect your traditional marketing tools such as business cards, direct mail, street banners, and posters to Sugar Market.

Accessing Legacy Tools

To access legacy tools: 

  1. Click the open button at the top of the navigation bar to view all available modules.
  2. Click the Legacy Features module.
  3. Select the tool you need to access from the Legacy Features section. 

Step-By-Step Guide

Share Landing Page on Social Media Pages:

  1. From the Landing Pages section, open your landing page and select URL Shortener.
  2. Generate your URL Shortener per instructions on the URL Shortener walk through
    lp share
  3. Find the "Share" group of Social Icons
    lp share group
  4. Select which social network you wish to publish to. A pop-up window will let you edit the post details and allow you to log in to the appropriate network. 
  5. Edit the message as desired, log in to the network, and complete your post.
  6. Repeat for each Social Network where you want to share your content.

Last modified: 2023-02-22 19:52:08