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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Sending Alerts to Non-Owner


Sugar Market alerts are typically sent to the Owner, those whose duty it is to follow up on leads/contacts to ensure an opportunity is not lost. We recommend you create a Role designed for alert catching, as described below.

Create the Role

  1. Before creating the role, ensure the user who will be assigned to the new role already exists.
  2. From the User Menu at the top right, select "Administration View", and then "Roles". 
    SM KB createalert1SM KB createalert2
  3. The existing roles in your account are displayed. Click the New button to open the Add Role dialog, identify a name and description for the role, and then click the Save button.
    SM KB createalert3SM KB createalert4

  4.  The new role is displayed at the top of the Roles page. Use the search fields or scroll through the list of users in the Assign Users to Role section and then click the Add User button. Note there is no need to enable Data Access or Navigation Access for this role since the alerts were originally intended for the Owner, and the function you will use to send the alert is "Copy to Role".
    SM KB createalert5
  5. Click Save and Return to save the user assignment to the new role.

Using the Role

With the newly created role now available, simply choose the role name every time you send alerts to Owners. 

Since Sugar Market does not impose limits on the number of users or roles, you may find it useful to use this new role for the following:

  • Interns : Interns typically spend only a few weeks or months with a company, and they may only need to be made aware of certain activity to be logged in CRM.
  • Training reps : They often only need examples of what to expect, volume/frequency, and can be given their real role later.
  • Temporary responsibility : Even if your Geos/territories are correct, sometimes extraneous circumstances require you to pull in extra help.

Last modified: 2020-05-04 11:29:10