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Troubleshooting Assignment Notifications


Sugar can be configured to send email notifications to a user whenever another user assigns them a record. When a user reports that they are no longer receiving these notifications, there are several potential causes.


The following sections provide some potential resolutions for users not receiving record-assignment notifications.

System-Wide Setting

If a user is indicating that they are not receiving notifications, the feature may be disabled for all of Sugar. Notifications can be disabled or enabled at both the user-level and system-level. Navigate to Admin > Email Settings and verify that "Assignment Notifications" is checked.

User Notification Setting

Next, it will be useful to verify if other users are receiving notifications. If other users are getting the emails, chances are that the user either does not have notifications enabled individually or they do not have their email address configured for their user profile. Navigate to Admin > User Management > {User Name} > Advanced tab and verify that "Notify on Assignment" is checked.Admin_UserManagement_USER_AdvancedRev

User Email Address

Also navigate to Admin > User Management > {User Name} > User Profile tab and check that their current email address is marked as "Primary".


If assignment notifications are still not being received, then there is the possibility that this user was testing this functionality by assigning records to their own user. Sugar will not send out an assignment notification if a user assigns a record to themselves. Test this by assigning a record to them from a different user and see if they receive the assignment notification.

Outbound Email Failure

If the notifications are still not being received after completing the above checks, Sugar might be encountering a problem with sending an email to this user's address or all email addresses. For more information on troubleshooting outbound emails, please refer to the Troubleshooting Outbound Email Using Sugar Logs article.

Last modified: 2019-10-18 17:32:35