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Troubleshooting Inconsistent Behavior in Hint Insights


If you are seeing inconsistent Hint Insights notifications, it may be related to an on-site clone of your Sugar instance. If not cloned properly, instances with Hint installed may experience issues with the Hint Insights functionality.

If your cloned instance is hosted on SugarCloud, the steps outlined in this article will have already been handled. If you do see the issues described in the symptoms below on a cloned instance on SugarCloud, it may be caused by something outside the scope of this article. This article applies to on-site clones only.


If you have created an on-site clone of a Sugar instance with Hint installed without following the steps outlined in the Cloning a Sugar Instance for Testing article, Hint Insights may stop working as expected on the cloned instance or the original. This is because the clone is not uniquely identifiable. Below are potential symptoms you may see:

  • Changes to users' Hint Insights preferences do not take effect, including both enabling and disabling notification methods.
  • Changes to users' email addresses do not take effect in Hint Insights email notifications.
  • Unexpected changes to users' Hint Insights preferences take place.

Steps to Resolve

Follow the steps outlined in the Cloning a Sugar Instance for Testing article to make the clone identifiable as a separate instance from the original. This involves changing the unique_key and site_url settings to be different from the original instance.

If the above cloning steps are followed and the Hint Insights service is still not working as expected, click the Resync with the Hint Insights service link in the Hint section of the Admin page. This will resync your instance with the service to correct the issues listed above. However, it is important to note that performing a resync will cause any pending email digest stories to be lost and existing news to be cleared from the Hint Insights dashlet. See the Hint Installation and Administration Guide for more information.

Last modified: 2019-06-11 18:40:37