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Integrating With Microsoft Connector for Admins


Administrators can configure the Microsoft connector via Admin > Connectors to allow Sugar to connect to the Microsoft API Services via OAuth2 to send outbound emails, receive inbound emails, or access Microsoft OneDrive. This article will cover the administrator's configuration of the Microsoft connector which must be completed before you can configure the email settings in Sugar for Exchange Online or the Cloud Drive settings. Information on enabling the connector for user accounts and utilizing the Microsoft connector is available in the Integrating With Microsoft for End Users article. For more information on configuring the system's outbound email settings, system inbound email accounts, and the outgoing user email accounts, refer to the Email and Emails documentation. For more information on using cloud drives in Sugar, refer to the Cloud Drive documentation.

Note: The Cloud Drive dashlet is only available on Sugar versions 12.0.0 and higher.


  • You must be an administrator user to enable the Microsoft connector for your instance.
  • You must have an active Microsoft Azure account to configure the Microsoft connector for your instance.

Steps to Complete

Before configuring the Microsoft connector in Sugar, you must first create and register a new application for Sugar in the Microsoft Azure portal. The following sections explain how the administrator can acquire the proper API credentials from Microsoft Azure and use those credentials to set up the connector in Sugar. For information on how users can then connect their individual Microsoft accounts to their Sugar user profiles, please refer to the Integrating With Microsoft for End Users article.

Creating Application in Microsoft Azure Portal

To set up the Sugar Microsoft connector, you need to first create a new application for Sugar and obtain the Client ID and Client Secret values using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Microst Azure portal in your web browser.
  2. Sign in using the Microsoft account under which you would like to register the SugarCRM application.
  3. On the Microsoft Azure homepage, type in "app registrations" in the search box then select it from the search results. 
    AzurePortal AppRegistrations
  4. On the App registrations page, click the "+ New registration" button. If you do not see this button then click the "Register an application" button. 
    Azure NewRegistration
  5. On the Register an Application page, complete the following fields then click "Register":
    • Name: Enter an application name of your choice (e.g., SugarCRM Application).
    • Supported account types: Select "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e.g., Skype, Xbox)".
  6. If you want to configure the API only to use OneDrive with the Cloud Drive dashlet in Sugar, continue to step 8. If you want to configure the API with inbound and outbound email permissions, click "API Permissions" on the left tree menu of the applications page and continue to step 7.
  7. Add the proper permissions as follows:
    • Click the "+ Add a permission" button.
      Azure APIPermissions AddPermission
    • Next, click the Microsoft Graph option then click "Delegated permissions" and select the following options:
      • Select "offline_access" under the OpenId permissions option. 
      • Click the IMAP option and select "IMAP.AccessAsUser.All". 
      • Click the SMTP option and select "SMTP.Send".
    • Click the "Add permissions" button. 
  8. Click "Authentication" on the left tree menu then click "+ Add a platform".
    Azure Authentication Web
  9. On the Configure Platforms window that appears on the right, click the Web option and enter the Redirect URI as follows:
    • Redirect URIs: {Your Sugar URL}/oauth-handler/MicrosoftOauth2Redirect
  10. Click the Configure button.
  11. Next, click "Certificates & secrets" on the left tree menu then click "+ New client secret" in the Client Secrets section and populate the following fields:
    • Description: Enter a description of your choice. 
    • Expires: Select an expiration period.
  12. Click the Add button.
    Azure Cert&Secrets NewClientSecret
  13. In the Client Secrets section, record the string that appears under the Value column by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" icon. This Value (highlighted in red in the image below) is required when configuring the connector in Sugar. You do not need the Secret ID.
    Note: Be sure to copy this value immediately after creating the client secret as you will not be able to retrieve this value again once you leave the page. 
    IntegratingWithMicrosoft Admins CopyClientSecretValue1
  14. Finally, click "Overview" on the left tree menu and record the "Application (client) ID" value at the top of the page as it is required when configuring the connector in Sugar.
    IntegratingWithMicrosoft Admins Overview ApplicationClientID1  

Configuring Sugar's Microsoft Connector

Once you have obtained the Client ID and Client Secret, use the following steps to set up the Microsoft connector in Sugar:

  1. Log into your Sugar instance and navigate to Admin > Connectors > Set Connector Properties.
  2. Click the Microsoft tab and fill in the Client ID value ("Application (client) ID" obtained in step 14 in the section above) and the Client Secret value ("Value" obtained in step 13 above). Click "Save".
    How to fill in Sugar Connectors
  3. Next, navigate to Admin > Connectors > Enable Connectors.
  4. Click the Microsoft tab and ensure that there is a checkmark in the box next to "Enable...".
    Sugar EnableConnectors Microsoft

Configuring Sugar Email Settings

Once the Microsoft connector has been configured in Sugar, you can then configure Sugar's email settings using Exchange Online. Admin users can configure the system's outbound email settings via Admin > System Email Settings and the system inbound email accounts via Admin > Inbound Email. For more information, refer to the Email documentation. Sugar users can also create outgoing email accounts by clicking on the Emails module tab and selecting "Email Settings". For more information, refer to the Emails documentation.

Steps for End Users

Information about enabling the connector for user accounts and utilizing the Microsoft connector is available in the Integrating With Microsoft for End Users article. Admins must enable the connector for their user account before configuring the Cloud Drive settings in Admin > Cloud Drive. 

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