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Integrating With GoToMeeting for End Users


Sugar's Connector for GoToMeeting® allows users to create meetings in Sugar using "GoToMeeting" as the meeting type then initiate or join the related GoToMeeting session directly from within Sugar's Meetings module. This article covers enabling the connector for individual user accounts and how to use the connector to launch GoToMeeting sessions in Sugar. 


  • Before users can connect their GoTo accounts to Sugar, an admin user must complete the initial, system-wide GoToMeeting connector configuration as explained in the Integrating With GoToMeeting for Admins article.
  • Individual users must have a GoTo account to connect to their Sugar user profiles. 

Steps to Complete

Once an administrator has configured the GoToMeeting connector for the instance, individual users can connect their Sugar accounts to GoToMeeting via their user profiles. Please note that Admin users can also do this for users via Admin > User Management. For more information on Admins connecting users to external accounts, please refer to the User Management documentation. 

Use the following steps to activate the GoToMeeting connector for your user account via your Sugar profile:

  1. Click the user profile image on the upper right of Sugar and select "Profile".
  2. Click the Edit button then click "Create" under the External Accounts tab.
    Profile ExternalAccounts Create
  3. Select "GoToMeeting" in the Application field then click the Connect button.
    Note: If the GoToMeeting option is not available in the Application field, the GoToMeeting connector may not have been configured properly via Admin > Connectors. Please reach out to your Sugar administrator to ensure that the system's connection to GoToMeeting is set up. For more information on configuring the connector, please refer to the Integrating With GoToMeeting for Admins article.
    Profile ExternalAccounts Connect GTM
  4. After clicking "Connect", a new tab may open, and you can click "Allow" to grant access for the connection to occur.
    Note: The GoToMeeting's login dialog box may appear if you are not already logged into your GoTo account in the active browser window. Simply enter your credentials to continue.
    IntegratingGTMEndUsers Allow

The GoToMeeting application is now connected to your Sugar user account and will appear under your profile's External Accounts tab.


Once you have created and authorized an external account for GoToMeeting via your Sugar profile, you can start creating meetings in Sugar with the meeting type set to "GoToMeeting". If you are the user assigned to the meeting, you can start the GoToMeeting directly from Sugar. Furthermore, invitee users can join the GoToMeeting from a link in the Sugar meeting record.

For more information on creating meetings in Sugar, please refer to the Meetings documentation.

Using the GoToMeeting Connector

The Start GoToMeeting and Join GoToMeeting options are available to select in the meeting's record view Actions menu:
Sugar Meeting GTMOptions

Click "Start GoToMeeting" to automatically connect and start the GoToMeeting application. Click "Join GoToMeeting" to join a scheduled meeting. Please note that meeting invitees will only see the Join GoToMeeting option in the Actions menu.

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