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The Calendar section includes topics covering understanding and troubleshooting working with Sugar calendar.


    Sugar calendars can be shared and viewed with various iCal-compatible calendar applications such as Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Sugar's calendar events are viewable as read-only in the external calendar applications and any edits to events must be made in Sugar.
    Sugar's calendar may be viewed in many external calendar applications including on your mobile device. This conveniently allows your Sugar meetings and calls to be available in the technologies you are already using. For more information about viewing your Sugar events in external calendars, please refer to the Calendar Options section in the Getting Started documentation of the Application Guide for your particular Sugar product and version.
    This article will help you identify issues that may be keeping you from successfully viewing Sugar calendar items in Google Calendar and how to resolve them.
    The Sidecar Calendar was introduced in version 11.2.0 of SugarĀ® and was developed from the wCalendar add-on package from W-Systems. While the Calendar module in Sugar 11.2.0 incorporates most of the functionality that existed in the wCalendar package, there are some differences that are important to understand. This article describes the differences between the add-on product and the Sidecar Calendar introduced in Sugar 11.2.
    The Calendar module helps users view and manage their scheduled activities (Calls, Meetings, Tasks) in Sugar. Users also have the ability to view other users' scheduled activities via the shared calendar option.
    In version 11.2.0, Sugar introduced a new Sidecar-based calendar. This page describes the legacy calendar, which may be available in some older versions of Sugar.

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