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Welcome to Sugar - a commercial Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Strong relationships are at the core of every organization's success. Sugar brings ease and order to the creation, development, and maintenance of your organization's important relationships.

Sugar consists of interrelated records in modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Meetings, Emails, etc. and wraps your data in an intuitive user interface which helps make sense of these different elements of your business. Whatever your organization's focus - sales, marketing, support, or other ventures - Sugar's flexible modules bend to align with your business' models and practices. Manage your relationships from inception to fruition and beyond with Sugar's built-in modules and relationships as well as your custom modules and configurations available to Sugar administrators.

Core Features

Sales Force Automation

  • Target, Lead, and Contact management to direct and organize efforts throughout the sales life cycle
  • Account management to aggregate interactions with organizations and individuals
  • Opportunity management to pursue new business, share sales information, and track deal progress
  • Sales Forecasting to enable sales representatives and managers to understand upcoming business
  • Quote management to prepare potential sale figures including multiple line items, currencies, and tax codes
  • Quoted Line Item management to capture the details of your organization's goods and services

Marketing Tools

  • Target, Lead, and Contact management to support the creation of new relationships
  • Email marketing campaigns to present relevant email messages to groups of recipients
  • Campaign management and reporting for tracking campaigns across multiple channels and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Target List management to organize groups of recipients for ensuring campaign message relevance
  • Web-to-Lead Forms to capture lead information directly from external web input

Customer Support

  • Case management to track service and resolution of customer issues
  • Bug tracking to identify, prioritize, and resolve product issues
  • Contact and Account management to track support history and enable continuity of service
  • Knowledge Base to manage information and share it externally

Record Keeping

  • Email, Task, Call, and Meeting management to facilitate day-to-day work
  • Note management to affix information and file attachments to other Sugar modules
  • Document management to track living documents and their changes
  • Contract management to capture and maintain sales and service contracts
  • Search capabilities to quickly and easily locate your data


  • Shared Email and Calendar to provide visibility across individuals and teams
  • Connectors and tools to leverage third-party information regarding your prospects and clients


  • Report creation and management to gain insight into your organization's Sugar data
  • Home page dashlets to display important tables and reports

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