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Knowledge Base Administration


Sugar's Knowledge Base module provides the ability to create, maintain, and publish articles. Certain aspects of the Knowledge Base module are only available for administrators or users with developer-level role access including the creation and editing of templates and accessing the Knowledge Base settings. This documentation will cover information and actions specific to Knowledge Base administration.

For more information on actions available to regular users such as creating and editing articles, please refer to the Knowledge Base documentation in the Application Guide. For instructions concerning views and actions which are common across most Sugar modules, such as creating, editing, and deleting templates, please refer to the Working With Sugar Modules section of this page.


You have the option to add, edit, or delete different languages for article records in the Settings section. This is helpful if articles are to be translated into multiple languages. When one or more additional languages have been added, users can create localization articles. It is important to note that when a language is deleted from the available languages, all localization articles created with that language will also be deleted.

To access the Settings page, click the triangle in the Knowledge Base module tab to open the Actions menu and select "Settings".

The Knowledge Base Settings drawer will appear which allows you to edit, add, or remove languages for the Knowledge Base module. To add a new language, click the "+" icon and enter the Language Code and Language Label. To remove a language, select the "-" icon. The primary language is set in the Language field by default for all new articles. But you can change the primary language by selecting the star icon. Click "Save" to finalize any changes made.
KBAdmin KBSettings1

Working With Sugar Modules

While the Knowledge Base Templates list view has some features that only apply to KB templates, it also uses the Sidecar user interface that most Sugar modules are based on. The following sections detail menus, views, and actions common to sidecar modules and contain links to additional information within the page or links to the User Interface documentation.

The Knowledge Base Templates section contains various options and functionality which are available via menus in the list view and record view. The following sections present each menu and its options with links to more information about each option in the User Interface documentation or, for Knowledge Base Templates-specific functionality, within this page.

List View Menus

The Knowledge Base Templates list view displays all knowledge base template records and allows for searching and filtering to locate specific templates. You can view the basic details of each record within the field columns of the list view or click an template's name to open the record view. To access a module's list view, simply click the Knowledge Base module's tab in the navigation bar at the top of any Sugar page and select "View Templates".

List View Mass Actions Menu

The Mass Actions menu to the right of the checkbox option in the list header allows you to perform mass actions on all currently selected records. You can use the checkbox on each record's row to select individual template records or click the checkbox in the list header to select all records displayed on the current set of list view results.
KBAdmin LVMassActions1

The Mass Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
Mass Update Mass update one or more templates at a time
Merge Merge two or more duplicate templates
Delete Delete one or more templates at a time
Export Export one or more templates to a CSV file
List View Record Actions Menu

The Record Actions menu to the far right of each record's row allows you to perform actions on the individual template directly from the list view.
KBAdmin LVRecordActionsMenu3

The list view's Record Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations:

Menu Item Description
Preview (Eye icon) Preview this template in the intelligence pane
Edit Edit this template
Follow Follow this template
Delete Delete this template

Record View Actions Menu

The knowledge base template record view displays a single template in full detail including its fields and the activity stream. To access a template's record view, simply click a hyperlinked template name from anywhere within Sugar. The record view's Actions menu appears on the top right of the page and allows you to perform various operations on the current record.
KBAdmin RVActionsMenu1

The Actions menu allows you to perform the following operations: 

Menu Item Description
Edit Edit this template
Share Share this template
View Audit Log View a record of changes to this template
Delete Delete this template

Common Views and Actions

In the table below, the left column contains links to the User Interface page covering topics that are applicable to all Sidecar modules. The right column has links to sections of the current page that cover topics specific to KB templates.

General Instructions for Working With Sugar Modules KB-Templates-Specific Instructions
Use the links below to navigate to the User Interface page which covers topics generic to many Sugar modules. When KB-Templates-specific help exists for each topic, use the links below to navigate to sections of the current page.
Creating Records  
Viewing Records  
Searching for Records  
List View List View Mass Actions Menu
List View Record Actions Menu
Record View Record View Actions Menu
Intelligence Pane  
Editing Records Settings
Deleting Records  
Exporting Records  
Merging Records  
Viewing Record Audit Logs  
Favoriting Records  
Following Records  
Sharing Records  
Using the TinyMCE Text Editor  

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