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This release is only available for SugarCloud customers.

Disabling Tooltips


This article will demonstrate how to disable the tooltips in Sugar.

Steps to Complete

Creating a Custom JavaScript File

First, we will need to create a custom JavaScript file. This file can technically exist anywhere within the root of your Sugar instance.


(function(app){'app:init', function(){
          // Clear existing ones
          // Disable all

Appending to JSGroupings

Second, we need to add our disable_tooltips.js file to sugar_grp7.min.js in our JSGroupings.


foreach ($js_groupings as $key => $groupings) {
    foreach ($groupings as $file => $target) {
        if ($target == 'include/javascript/sugar_grp7.min.js') {
            $js_groupings[$key]['custom/JavaScript/disable_tooltips.js'] = 'include/javascript/sugar_grp7.min.js';

Note: More information about JSGroupings can be found here.

Quick Repair and Rebuild

After creating the ./custom/JavaScript/disable_tooltips.js and ./custom/Extension/application/Ext/JSGroupings/disable_tooltips.php files, navigate to Admin > Repairs and perform a "Quick Repair and Rebuild". This will rebuild the cached files to fully implement the changes.  Once "Quick Repair and Rebuild" finishes, the tooltips will be disabled through Sugar.

Last modified: 2021-05-19 19:16:09