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Using Dependencies in Logic Hooks


Dependencies can not only be executed on the server side but can be useful entirely on the server. For example, you could have a dependency that sets a rating based on a formula defined in a language file.


require_once "include/Expressions/Dependency.php";
require_once "include/Expressions/Trigger.php";
require_once "include/Expressions/Expression/Parser/Parser.php";
require_once "include/Expressions/Actions/ActionFactory.php";

class Update_Account_Hook
    function updateAccount($bean, $event, $args)
        $formula = translate('RATING_FORMULA', 'Accounts');
        $triggerFields = Parser::getFieldsFromExpression($formula);
        $dep = new Dependency('updateRating');
        $dep->setTrigger(new Trigger('true', $triggerFields));
        $dep->addAction(ActionFactory::getNewAction('SetValue', array(
            'target' => 'rating',
            'value' => $formula


Last modified: 2021-02-17 02:44:13