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Module Loader

Module Loader is used when installingĀ customizations, plugins,languageĀ packs, andĀ hotfixes, and other customizations into a Sugar instance in the form of a Module Loadable Package. This documentation covers the basics and best practices for creating module loadable packages for a Sugar installation.


    Module loadable packages rely on a manifest.php file to define the basic properties and installation steps for the package. This documentation explains the various components that make up the manifest file.
    SugarCRM's hosting objective is to maintain the integrity of the standard Sugar functionality when we upgrade a customer instance and limit any negative impact our upgrade has on the customer's modifications. All instances hosted on Sugar's cloud service have package scanner enabled by default. This setting is not configurable and all packages must pass the package scan for installation on Sugar's cloud environment. This includes passing all health checks.
    This article provides workarounds for commonly used functions that are blacklisted by Sugar for Sugar's cloud environment.
    Sugar Module Loadable Package development guidelines for apps listed on Sugar Exchange.

Last modified: 2021-02-17 02:44:13