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This release is only available for SugarCloud customers.

/<module>/:record/audit GET


Returns data changes for a specific record.

Request Arguments

Name Type Description Required
record String The record id. True
module String The name of the module. True

Query Parameters

Name Type Description Required
max_num Integer A maximum number of records to return. The default is all records. False
offset Integer The number of records to skip over before records are returned. The default is 0. The parameter will be ignored if the max_num parameter is missing. False

Response Arguments

Name Type Description
next_offset Integer Displays the next offset for retrieval of additional results. -1 will be returned when there are no more records.
records Array An array of results containing matched records.


         "date_created":"03\/01\/2013 12:26am",
         "field_name":"Team ID:",
         "date_created":"03\/01\/2013 12:26am",
         "before_value_string":"East, Global, West",
         "after_value_string":"Jim, Will"

Change Log

Version Change
v11_11 Added optional max_num and offset parameters to /Audit GET endpoint.
v10 Added /Audit GET endpoint.

Last modified: 2021-01-29 21:26:15