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The alert view widget, located in ./clients/base/views/alert/, displays helpful information such as loading messages, notices, and confirmation messages to the user.

Methods, options)

The, options) method displays an alert message to the user with the options provided.


Name Description
id The id of the alert message. Used for dismissing specific messages.
options.level The alert level
options.title The alert's title, which corresponds to the alert's level
options.messages The message that the user sees
Note: Process alerts do not display messages.
options.autoClose Whether or not to auto-close the alert popup
options.onClose Callback handler for closing confirmation alerts
options.onCancel Callback handler for canceling confirmation alerts
options.onLinkClick Callback handler for click actions on a link inside of the alert

Default Alert Values

Alert Level Alert Appearance Alert Title
info blue "Notice"
success green "Success"
warning yellow "Warning!"
error red "Error"
process loading message "Loading..."
confirmation confirmation dialog "Warning"

Alert Examples

Standard Alert'message-id', {
    level: 'success',
    messages: 'Task completed!',
    autoClose: true
Confirmation Alert'message-id', {
    level: 'confirmation',
    messages: 'Confirm?',
    autoClose: false,
    onConfirm: function(){
    onCancel: function(){
Process Alert'message-id', {
    level: 'process',
    title: 'In Process...' //change title to modify display from 'Loading...'


The app.alert.dismiss(id) method dismisses an alert message from view based on the message id.


Name Description
id The id of the alert message to dismiss.




The app.alert.dismissAll dismisses all alert messages from view.



Testing in Console

To test alerts, you can trigger them in your browser's developer tools by using the global App variable as shown below:'message-id', {
    level: 'success',
    messages: 'Successful!',
    autoClose: false

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