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SugarIdentity Release Notes


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the 9.1 release of SugarIdentity on November 29, 2022. Please refer to the SugarIdentity Archived Release Notes page for previous releases. For more information on accessing and using the SugarIdentity service, refer to the SugarIdentity Guide. For information on supported platforms, refer to the SugarCloud Services Supported Platforms page.

Note: To determine if your SugarCloud instance uses SugarIdentity, refer to the SugarIdentity Guide

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancement is included in the 9.1 release of SugarIdentity:

  • Custom filter improvements: Newly added or updated custom filters in the Users list view of the SugarCloud Settings console get automatically sorted in alphabetical order in the Filter list. 

Known Issues

The following issue identified in the Sugar application may affect instances using SugarIdentity. Case Portal users can use the following link for more details:

  • 87908: The Reset Multi-Factor Auth option improperly appears during a user impersonation session.

Last modified: 2022-11-29 17:13:55