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SugarCloud Services

SugarCloud Services include SugarCloud Insights, SugarIdentity, and SugarPredict.  

SugarCloud Insights Documentation

SugarCloud Insights allows customers with instances hosted in Sugar's cloud environment to monitor their instance's database and file system storage usage, license usage, and gain access to PHP error logs and access logs. 

SugarIdentity Documentation

SugarIdentity allows customers to securely manage user identities as well as access to applications and services in the SugarCRM ecosystem. SugarIdentity provides a federated identity solution based on industry standards and supports comprehensive single sign-on across all SugarCRM applications and services.

SugarPredict Documentation

SugarPredict is Sugar's artificial intelligence (A.I.) engine that surfaces predictive insights within and across SugarCRM applications. 

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