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Sugar Mobile for Android Release Notes 17.0


This document describes the changes introduced in Sugar Mobile Release 17.0.

Please see the Mobile Supported Platforms page for information about supported devices and Sugar version compatibility.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Comment Log improvement : Long entries in the Comment Log field are now truncated on detail view but can be tapped to view the full text.

Fixed Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 83719 : When adding a quoted line item to a quote, the Line Item field is a text field instead of a list of items in the Product Catalog as expected.
  • 83324 : Reports with funnel charts may show an extraneous "(1)" in the chart data when viewed via the Saved Reports Chart dashlet on Sugar Mobile.

Known Issues

The following known issues are present in this release. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 83529 : The Sugar Mobile log file may contain incorrect error messages.
  • 80302 : Filtering the Global Search page using the Recently Viewed option does not display recently viewed email records as expected.
  • 72112 : If offline mode is enabled in Admin > Mobile, any newly enabled modules will not work. The Administrator will need to disable offline mode, enable desired modules, and then re-enable offline mode.
  • 71830 : If a module is disabled after offline mode is enabled, users may receive an offline error. To remove the error, disable and re-enable Offline Mode in Settings within the Sugar Mobile application.
  • 70728 : Role restrictions on the Notes module's Attachment field may prevent simultaneous reassignment of the note and uploading of an attachment. Users should save the note after adding the attachment prior to reassigning the note.
  • 68359 : Relationship fields and subpanels may show outdated information in offline mode due to the automatic refresh of the downloaded record not including both sides of relationship changes. 
  • 62815 : After making a call directly from a record, users are not always prompted to log the call as expected.
  • 58252 : The Map action button is only available for address-type fields when the field's database name includes the word "address".

Supported Platforms

For a complete list of supported platforms for Sugar's mobile solutions, please refer to the Mobile Supported Platforms page.

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