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SugarCRM Mobile App Release Notes


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the current SugarCRM Mobile App release. For information on historical releases, please refer to the Archived Release Notes.

Please see the Mobile Supported Platforms page for information about supported devices and Sugar version compatibility.

SugarCRM Mobile App 51.0

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are available in this release:

  • Copy address: Press and hold a record's address in detail view to copy it to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere, such as in an email or text message.
  • Dropdown-conditional edit views: Administrators can now define edit view layouts that change in real time based on the value selected from a given dropdown field on the record.
  • Swipe to access Actions menus in dashlets: You can now access a record's Actions menu in dashlets listing records by swiping on the record, similar to other list views, instead of tapping a three-dots icon. To switch between dashlets, swipe to either side in the bottom navigation bar or tap the arrows.

Fixed Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release. Case portal users can use the following links for more details about these issues:

  • 90716: In Android, creating a note and attaching a photo taken with the device's camera fails to save the attachment to the note.
  • 90621: In Android, the date selected in a date field may not be visible until after saving the record.
  • 90590: Some users may be unable to log in or out of the mobile app or perform any actions in the app without first uninstalling and reinstalling the app on their device.
  • 90208: Action Buttons that are only displayed when a certain condition is met (e.g., when a field is set to a specific value) may not appear once the condition is met. As a workaround, log out and back in to the mobile app to make the Action Button appear.

Known Issues

The following known issues are present in this release. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 90575: When creating a quote in the mobile app, the tax rate is not auto-populated with the first tax rate in the list.
  • 90650: If the mobile app is offline enabled, recurrences of a meeting or call that have been deleted are still displayed in list view and cause a "Resource not found" error if opened. As a workaround, an admin can disable offline mode in Admin > Mobile in the desktop app to stop this behavior.
  • 88412: It is not possible to add a new attachment to a note via the mobile app if the note already has at least one attached file.
  • 84799: When connected to a SugarIdentity-enabled instance, links to Sugar records opened on a mobile device are opened in a browser instead of in the app.

Last modified: 2022-11-11 14:15:56