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SEO Audits


Sugar Market's SEO Audit Report reviews any web page to determine how SEO-friendly the page is for a targeted keyword or phrase. SEO reports are most beneficial for reviewing your landing pages, but you can run them against any home page, service page, product page, or blog article. It does not audit the entire website; however, each web page audit includes sections and signals about the web page's domain authority. 

Creating an SEO Audit Report

To create an SEO audit report:

  1. Navigate to Analyze > SEO Audit. Existing reports are shown in the SEO Audit list view.
    SM UG SEO menu
  2. Click the New button at the top of the page. The Create a New SEO Audit dialog opens.
    SM UG SEO dialog
  3. In the Audit Name field, type a name to identify the report.
  4. In the URL field, type the full URL of the web page you want to audit.
  5. In the Keyword field, identify all keywords to include in the report, separating each word or phrase by commas.
  6. From the Language dropdown list, select the desired language for the report.
  7. Click the Start Audit button. The report name populates the SEO Audit list in Pending status until complete, which is typically less than five minutes.

Creating a Comparison SEO Audit Report

To create a report that compares your site against a competitor's site, click the Competitor URL button below the URL field and then type the URL of the site against which you want to compare your own:
SM UG SEO competito 

The report will show your page results with your competitor's page results side-by-side:
SM UG SEO compet report

Viewing an SEO Audit Report

To view a report you just created or a previously created report, expand the Actions menu next to the desired report and then select "View PDF". If you recently created the report and have not navigated away from the page, you will need to refresh the page for the report status to update.
SM UG SEO view

The report, which begins with an overall rating out of 100, includes criteria in the following categories. The report specifies whether the criteria is specific to website pages, blog posts, or landing pages.

  • Speed
  • URL
  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Image Analysis
  • Top 5 Words Used
  • Heading Tags
  • Copy Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Social Analysis
  • Mobile Analysis
  • Page Link Analysis
  • Root Domain Link Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
    SM UG SEO report

Communicating SEO Audit Report Results

To facilitate communication of your report results, all recommended improvements are displayed in red in the report and also copied to a Task list at the end of the report. This allows you to take the Task list to your SEO manager for review.
SM UG SEO tasks

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