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Nurture Campaigns


Lead nurturing helps you build long-term relationships by providing relevant, worthwhile content to prospects and continue the conversation with customers in an automated way. When a web lead or visitor performs a specific action, Sugar Market can respond by delivering content that is related to the step where they are most likely engaged in the Buyer's Journey. This topic explains how to create and manage automated Nurture campaigns with Nurture Builder.

Please refer to the knowledge base for information on using the legacy nurture builder and a comparison of the two versions of the tool.


    This page describes how to use Sugar Market's Nurture Builder to create and manage nurture campaigns.
    This page provides guidance on using the Nurture Builder designer, which is in Step 3 of the Nurture Builder, where you design your nurture flow.
    In the Nurtures list view, you can access nurture campaigns to do any of the following:
    You can convert the campaigns you built in the legacy nurture builder into campaigns that are compatible with Nurture Builder 2.0, giving you access to the latest functionality, as described in the Nurture Campaigns pages. Converting existing legacy campaigns brings the nurture flow into Nurture Builder 2.0, but does not bring over any recipients and some element values, as shown in the table below.

Last modified: 2023-01-22 17:02:47