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Listeners, also referred to as Event Listeners and Lead/Contact Listenters, are a powerful tool that you can use to automate the sales and marketing process. Listeners act like a bridge between your external CRM and Sugar Market as they check contact records for new and updated values you define and initiates actions such as adding a contact to a campaign and removing a contact from a list. 

This topic describes how to use, create, and manage listeners throughout Sugar Market.

Using Listeners

Active listeners run in the background approximately every five minutes, so it is important to carefully consider all of the different conditions and how they can be met. Consider whether the event you are defining may occur through some other action in Sugar Market, in which case, using a listener may not be necessary. 

There are two types of listener: On Insert and On Update. When using the On Update type, you need to enable field tracking before the listener will become active. This is to eliminate the excessive resource load that would be required to continuously check every field in the table.

To enable change tracking for On Update listeners:

  1. Navigate to User Menu > Administration View > Marketing Administration > Change Tracking.
  2. Select the table in the dropdown list, and then select a field in the Available Fields list.
  3. Click the right-facing arrow to add the field to the Selected Fields list.
  4. Click the Track Change button.
     SM UG Listeners track

Creating Listeners

There are three parts to creating a listener: defining the listener basics, conditional values, and event activities. The conditional values and event activities perform as IF/THEN statements: if the defined condition is found, then the defined action will occur.

Defining Listener Basics
  1. Navigate to Create > Lead/Contact Listener. The New Listener dialog opens.
    SM UG Listeners menu
  2. Complete the following fields, and then click the Create button.
  • Listener Name: Name to identify the listener in Sugar Market.
  • Event Type: Select "On Update" or "On Insert" to define whether the conditions will be evaluated when a record is updated in Sugar Market, or when a new record is added.
  • Monitored Table: Select either the Contacts or Opportunity table as the location of the field to be monitored.
  • Listener Description: Type descriptive text to make it easy to identify and modify this listener in the future.
    SM UG Listeners add

The Event Listeners page opens after you submit the listener details.

Defining Conditional Values

The listener conditional values describe the field conditions to be evaluated.

SM UG LIsteners eventlisteners

  1. In the Event Listener Conditional Values section, click the Add button.
  2. Complete the following fields, and then click the Save button:
  • Table: Sugar Market table in which the monitored field is located.
  • Column: Field name you are monitoring. If you do not see your field name here, enable change tracking for this field.
  • Event: Whether the field should equal or contain the defined Ending Value.
  • Ending Value: The specific field value to launch the action you will define in the Event Activities section.
  • Logic: When using multiple conditions, choose whether the logic should be "And" or "Or". Mixed logic is not allowed (i.e. if field1 value = A and field2 value = B or field2 value = C).
    SM UG Listeners conditions


Defining Event Activities

The event activities describe the actions to occur when the defined conditions are met.

  1. In the Event Activities section, click the Add button.
  2. Select an action from the dropdown list.
  3. If the action needs to be further defined (e.g. Add to Nurture*, Add to Distribution List, Alert User), then select the name from the dropdown list provided, and then click the Save button.
  4. Click one of the Save options at the top of the Event Listeners page to save the listener. The listener immediately becomes active.
    SM UG Listener activities

* When adding to a nurture, ensure you select "Add to Nurture 2.0" when using Nurture Builder 2.0 and "Add to Nurture 1.0" when using the legacy builder.

Managing Listeners

To make changes to existing listeners:

  1. Navigate to Manage > CRM > Lead/Contact Listener.
  2. Mouse over the Actions menu next to the listener, and then select Edit from the flyout menu. The Event Listeners page displays.
    SM UG Listeners edit
  3. Make the desired changes to the name, description, conditional values, or activities. You cannot change the Event Type or Monitored Table on saved listeners.
  4. Click one of the Save options at the top of the page.

Activating/Deactivating Listeners

When listeners are not needed, you can deactivate the listener to keep it available for future use.

To deactivate a listener:

  1. Navigate to Manage > CRM > Lead/Contact Listener.
  2. Mouse over the Actions menu next to the listener, and then select Hide from the flyout menu.
    SM UG Listeners hide

To activate a listener:

  1. Click the Show Inactives checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Listeners page.
  2. With the listener open in edit mode, select Active from the Status dropdown.
  3. Click one of the Save options at the top of the page. The Reset Event Check dialog opens.
  4. Select the "Start from" option to make the listener retroactive and therefore update contacts that met the conditions while the listener was inactive, or select the "Start All Time" option to make the listener effective from the time you save the updated listener. Click the Save button in the Reset Event Check dialog. 
    SM UG LIsteners activate

Searching for Listeners

To locate listeners, type a value in one of the column headers, and then select a modifier from the dropdown menu. Click the Show Inactives checkbox at the bottom of the page to search all listeners.

SM UG Listeners search

Viewing Listener Results

Every listener displays the last event check date when the listener is open in edit mode. Click the Show Results link at the bottom of the page to display every time the listener was run. Search this view using the column headers, or click the Export icon to produce a Microsoft Excel file containing the results.

SM UG Listeners results

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