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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Sugar Market User Interface


This topic describes the basic Sugar Market user interface elements and navigation.

The default display when you log into Sugar Market is the Global Dashboard with the Global Navigation bar at the top. The options available in the Global Navigation Bar, the Navigation Menu, and the User Menu are dependent on your assigned permissions
SM UI overview

The following options are available in the Global Navigation Bar, which is displayed throughout Sugar Market:

SM UI sugarcube Home Return to the Global Dashboard
SM UI createmanageanalyze Navigation Menu Action-oriented options for all Sugar Market features
SM UI dashboards Dashboards Access to existing dashboards
SM UI accounts Accounts All CRM accounts in Sugar Market, which can also be accessed via Manage > CRM > Accounts
SM UI leadscontacts Leads/Contacts All Sugar Market leads and contacts, which can also be accessed via Manage > Leads/Contacts
SM UI assets Asset Library Image and other file types available to be used in Sugar Market campaigns
SM UI notificationsSM UI nonotification Notifications System notifications: A red bell indicates new, unread notifications are available
SM UI usermenu User Menu Access to your user preferences and links to Sugar Market documentation, SugarClub, and the Case Portal. Users with the Admin Navigation role can also access administration functions via this menu.

Recent Activity

The bottom of the Navigation menu provides links to the Sugar Market locations you most recently visited:
SM UI recentactivity

Context Menu and Actions Dropdown

In some Sugar Market modules, a context menu displays below the Global Navigation bar when a line item is selected. The context menu provides the actions available for the highlighted element. The following example shows the context menu on the Pages & Forms Forms Templates page:
SM UI contextmenu

Some Sugar Market modules use an older design where an Actions dropdown list provides the available options instead of a context menu, as in the following example on the Event Management page:
SM UI actionsmenu

Customizing Your Display

You can customize your display preferences by setting the default number of rows to be returned for records in list views, setting your local time zone, and adding a profile photo to your user account.

Last modified: 2021-02-25 22:25:58