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Sugar Market Settings and Preferences


There are several options you can configure for your entire Sugar Market account and your own user preferences. With the exception of user preferences, you will need the Admin Navigation role to make changes to the settings described on this page. 

Note: If you are interested in adding a new sending domain or updating the CNAME in your Sugar Market account, please contact Support.

Configuring Your User Preferences

In Sugar Market, you can make changes to your user profile, your password, and subscribe to various reports. To access user preferences, at the top right of the Global Navigation bar, expand the User menu and select the desired function:
SM UI user menu

If you have the Admin Navigation role and want to make changes to another user's account, then refer to the User and Role Management page.

Editing Your User Profile

You can edit basic information in your user profile account, including contact information and preferences. The primary user profile details are contained in the first three tabs of the User Profile page. The Signature and Email options relate to the legacy ODS email builder and the Schedule Me tab relates to a deprecated feature.

Note: A Sugar Market user with the Admin Navigation role can also edit your user account, with the exception of changing your user profile photo.

To edit your user profile:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Edit your profile.
    SM UG Config usesrmenu nonadminedit
  2. Make the desired changes to your contact details, profile photo, social media URLs, or display preferences, and then click the Save button. The changes take effect immediately.
    SM UG Config editprofile

Editing Your Contact Details

If you identified contact information when you first logged into Sugar Market, those values appear on the General tab. Make any desired additions or changes here and identify your physical address on the Address tab, if desired. The email address must be unique to your Sugar Market user account. While the user name is editable, we strongly suggest you do not change it.

Adding a Profile Photo

To display a user profile photo from the Asset Library at the top of your User menu, click the Upload Picture button on the General tab. Select the desired photo and then click the Select button.
SM UG Config editprofilepic

Your profile photo will appear in two places:
SM UG Config profilepic

Editing Social Media URLs

Add the URLs for your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook social media profiles on the Social Profile tab. These can then be used as merge fields in your campaigns. 
SM UG Config usersocial

Editing Display Preferences

At the bottom of the General tab, you can change your local time zone and the number of rows to display at one time in list views.
SM UG Config prefs

Changing Your User Password

You can change your Sugar Market password at any time. After you change your password, your current session will continue and you will use your new password on your next login. A password reset notification is also emailed to the email address associated with your user account.

Note: A Sugar Market user with the Admin Navigation role can also initiate a password reset on your behalf.

To change your Sugar Market password:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Change your password.
    SM UG Config usesrmenu changepw
  2. Complete all fields, using the minimum password criteria shown, and then click the Change Password button.  
    SM UG Config changepw

Managing Your Report Subscriptions

You can choose to have several Sugar Market standard reports and custom reports delivered to you at your preferred interval. You can manage your own entry and exit alert subscriptions, Account Alerts, and Nightly, Weekly, Daily, and Monthly Analytic and Summary Reports.

Note: A Sugar Market user with the Admin Navigation role can also manage report subscriptions on your behalf.

To subscribe to reports or change your existing subscriptions:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Manage Report Subscriptions.
    SM UG Config usesrmenu subs
  2. Select the checkbox next to any report to which you want to subscribe, and then click the Save Changes button. To subscribe to all available standard reports, click the Check All button and then click the Save Changes button.
  3. To unsubscribe from all available standard reports, click the Uncheck All button and then click the Save Changes button.
    SM UG Config subscribe
  4. To subscribe to a shared custom report or landing page report, click the Add button in the corresponding section.
  5. Select the desired report and the frequency at which you want to receive the report. Only shared reports will be displayed in the Report Name field. Optionally identify a start and end date for the subscription if you want the subscription to expire, and then click the Save button.
    SM UG Config customreportsub
  6. To unsubscribe from any custom report subscription, expand the Action menu next to the report name, and then select "Delete".
    SM UG Config deletesub

Note: You can also manage report subscriptions directly within the individual report setup.

Configuring Global Settings

The Global Settings section of the User menu allows users with the Admin Navigation role to set preferences to be used throughout Sugar Market for all users.

To configure global settings:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Global Settings.
    SM UG Config globalsets
  2. Make the desired changes to your account contact information, default merge tags, or your unsubscribe page, and then click the Save button at the top of the page.
    SM UG config custatts

Since many of the options included in the Global Settings section are legacy settings that no longer apply, the sections below describe only those settings that are still applicable:

Identifying Your Account Contact Information

Establish your organizational information on the Global Settings General tab, including primary contact and corporate address. The address you identify here will be added to the default merge tag that is included in your email campaigns. The location settings at the bottom of this tab no longer apply.

Setting Default Merge Tags for Emails

On the Global Settings Email tab, set default values for the following common merge fields: FirstName, LastName, and AccountName. This allows you to have default text displayed in your emails when these fields have no values. For example, if you set the default value for FirstName to "customer", and you send an email to a contact record that does not have a value in the FirstName field, your salutation will appear in your email as "Hello customer" instead of "Hello [blank]".

Setting a Default Email Compliance Address

If your organization requires that all emails be copied to a default compliance address for archival (e.g., identify this address in the Email Compliance field on the Emails tab. All emails sent from Sugar Market will automatically be sent to this address. It is recommended that this address is only used for compliance purposes.
SM UG Config emailmergetag

Managing Your Unsubscribe Page

You can set up your Unsubscribe Page on the Unsubscribe tab in Global Settings, though you can also use a standard landing page for this purpose. This page is displayed to your leads when they opt out of your communications and allows them to either select specific types of communications they do not want to receive or all communications. 

To create or edit your unsubscribe page:

  1. Design the page in the editor available in the Unsubscribe Body section. You can use the editor tools available in the Design view, or code your own in the HTML view.
    SM UG Config unsubdesign
  2. Add any information to be displayed below the Submit button on the unsubscribe page in the Unsubscribe Footer section.
    SM UG Config unsubfooter
  3. In the Email Address Suppression Lists section, identify the suppression lists to which the contacts should be added for each unsubscribe option on your page. You can select existing suppression lists or create new lists in this section.
    SM UG Config suppresslists
  4. Click the Save button at the top of the page, and then click the Test Unsubscribe Link button. The page displays in a separate window as it will appear to your contacts.

Note: If you encounter an error when using the Test Unsubscribe Link button, then either their SSL certificate has not been set up for your account, or your CNAME has not yet been added to your internal DNS. Consult with your internal IT department or DNS administrator for assistance.

Setting Sources

Sources allow you to store and manage credentials to Sugar Market plug-ins, such as GoToMeeting and WebEx. By storing your credentials, you can securely maintain various connections that require real-time integration without having to enter credentials each time.

To set up sources:

  1. From the User menu, select "Sources".
    SM UG Events source
  2.  Click the New button.
    SM UG Events newsource
  3. From the Source Name dropdown list, select GoToWebinar or Webex. The other options shown are no longer supported.
  4. Add the username and password associated with your GoToWebinar or Webex account.
  5. For Webex, identify the following and then click the "Get Session Type" button. You may need to contact Webex for help in locating this information:
    • Site Name: The first part of your site name issued by Webex. This is everything that appears before "" (e.g., If your site name is, then enter "abcwebinars" in this field).
    • Service URL: Your full site name issued by Webex appended with "/WBXService/XMLService" (e.g., If your site name is, enter "" in this field).
      SM UG Events webex
  6. Select a Session Type, and then click the Save button.

Note: The API connection will be unsuccessful if any of the fields in the source contain special characters. Special characters are any "Shift" or "Alt" characters.

Configuring Regional Groups for Lead Routing

Sugar Market's Geos feature allows you to intelligently route new leads based on your regional settings. When your contacts submit a Sugar Market form, you can assign the record to users in a particular region or territory. For example, you can create a 'Southeastern States' Geo of all states in the southeast region, a 'West Coast' Geo broken down by all states on the west coast, or an EMEA geo with all countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. You can import lists of countries, states, and zip codes into your Geo for quick and easy setup. 

To set up a new Geo:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Administration View > Geos and Lists. The Geos list view displays, where you can make changes to existing Geos.
  2. Click the New button at the top of the page.
    SM UG Geo new
  3. From the Lists dropdown, select the list that corresponds to the type of Geo you want to define. The selection here populates the Type field below.
  4. In the Name field identify a descriptive name to help identify the Geo, and then click the Create button. The Geos Attributes page displays.
    SM UG Config geocreate
  5. In the Geos List section add list items to your Geo. Click the button that corresponds to your preferred method for adding items, as follows:
    • Add: Add an individual list item and then click the Save button.
    • Import CSV: Import a list from a CSV file. Click the Select button to locate the file, and then click the Open button to automatically populate the Geo with list items from the file.
    • Quick Add: Add multiple list items with text separated by semicolons, and then click the Save and Return button.
  6. When you are finished adding list items to the Geo, click one of the Save buttons at the top of the page.SM UG Config geolist

Refer to the User and Role Management page for information on assigning users to Geos.

Granting Sugar Market Access via IP Address

In addition to user accounts, you can control specific types of access to your Sugar Market account and landing pages by IP address. IP Address Rules allow you to set access rules on a single IP or range of IPs for various activities, including web analytic tracking, CRM access, platform login access, and landing page access.

To define IP address rules:

  1. Navigate to User menu > Administration View.
  2. In the General section, select "IP Address Rules".
    SM Admin ipaddrules
  3. Click the New button to create a new rule.
    SM Admin newipaddress
  4. Enter the beginning and ending IP address in the range. To identify a single IP address, enter the IP address in both the Begin and End fields.
  5. Select an Action from the dropdown:
    • Allow CRM Access: This allows users with the identified IP address to access the Microsoft Tab or the Sugar Market s-Control. This feature is used in conjunction with the CRM config tool. By default, the CRM config tool allows all access. You must configure the CRM to Block Access via IP to enable this action.
    • Block Landing Pages Access: The landing page visitor will encounter a notification that the landing page is no longer available. This is a useful feature for blocking your competitors.
    • Ignore Web Analytics: The web activity will be completely removed from the tracking table. Due to the real-time nature of the web activity board, you may briefly see the web hit, but it will be removed during processing. This is usually within 15 seconds of the hit occurring.
    • Allow Login Access: By default, Sugar Market will allow access to all IP addresses. If you identify one or more IP addresses with this action, then Sugar Market will use the IP rules for site access at all times.
  6. Ensure the Status field is set to Active, and then click the Save button.

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