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Working with Email Templates


Email templates allow you to reuse your designed emails to help you quickly generate new campaigns, and ensure consistency across your campaigns and conformity to company standards. We recommend you create at least one template that contains global styles, company logo and colors, and social buttons. Alert Email Templates are required for all alert steps in nurture campaigns.

Creating Email Templates

  1. Navigate to Email Builder 2.0 and either create a new campaign or open a draft campaign.
  2. Ensure your setup and style preferences are complete.
  3. On any step in the Email Builder wizard, expand the overflow menu and select "Save as Template".
    SM UG EMB template
  4. In the Save as Template dialog, identify a name for the template, the folder where the template is to be stored, and a description of the template.
  5. To allow the template to be used in the CRM Iframe, enable the "Make template available to Sales" option.
    EMB20 iframetemplate
  6. Click the OK button. After the save is complete, the template becomes available in Step 2 of the Email Builder wizard in the Templates section.

Creating Alert Email Templates

Alert Email Templates allow you to use an email template with the Alert steps in nurture campaigns. To designate a template as an Alert Email Template, select the "Save this as an Alert Template" option on the Save as Template dialog in Step 3 above:
SM UG EMB20 alerttemplate

The template will then populate the list of available templates when you configure an Alert element in a nurture campaign:
SM UG EMB20 alertrole nurture

Accessing Email Templates

in Step 2 of Email Builder 2.0 wizard, email templates and alert templates are available for use as the base for your campaign. 

To access existing templates:

  1. Navigate to Email Builder 2.0 and either create a new campaign or open a draft campaign.
  2. On the Templates tab in Step 2 of the builder, expand the Templates or Alert Templates section. Templates are displayed in reverse chronological order by the date they were created.
  3. Click on the desired template thumbnail to display a larger view in the right panel.
  4. Click the Next button at the bottom of the builder to continue working in Email Builder 2.0. 
    SM UG EMB20 templatesb

Editing Templates

Currently, there is no direct editing functionality for Email Builder 2.0 templates. To make a change to a template, open an existing template in Email Builder 2.0, make the desired changes, and then save the template with a new name, as described in the Creating Templates section.

Last modified: 2021-09-14 18:31:39