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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.

Email Campaigns


Sugar Market provides several email deployment tools that can be used individually or collectively to execute simple or complex marketing campaigns. Each email tool features unique functions. This section explains how to set up, design, and send email campaigns using Sugar Market's Email Builder 2.0 tool. Please see the Sugar Market Help Articles for information on legacy email tools. Refer to the Nurtures topic to learn about the Sugar Market feature that allows you to easily create multi-touch campaigns in a smooth, easily navigable visual designer.

For information on configuring your email settings, please refer to the Onboarding Reference page.

Allowlisting Sending IP Addresses

If you did not allowlist Sugar Market's sending IP addresses on your mail server during your onboarding, then please ensure you allowlist these addresses before you begin creating email campaigns. This will ensure that internal notifications will be delivered to your team.

Sending IP Address Ranges: - - - -


    This page describes how to create email campaigns with Email Builder 2.0. Sugar Market includes two other email tools, ODS and Email Builder 1.0, which are used for specific functions. The content and references in this guide are for the Email Builder 2.0 tool only; please refer to the Sugar Market Support Articles for information on the ODS and Email Builder 1.0 tools.
    Sugar Market enables you to connect Google Analytics to track clicks via UTM codes. A UTM code is a phrase that is attached to a custom URL to track a source, medium, and campaign name or keyword. Sugar Market captures this data from customized URLs and places it in the Web Activity table to make it available in various reports and dashboards.
    The Email Builder 2.0 wizard lets you quickly style your email campaigns with its drag-and-drop editor. Access the editor on Step 3 of the Email Builder wizard.
    The Advanced Testing Center renders your email in 27 unique email clients and devices. Give priority to the most popular clients and devices first, and then secondary targets that may only make up a small percentage of your recipients.
    Merge tags are short codes that pull data from your Sugar Market or external CRM for the purpose of personalizing your emails. Any field that is captured can be dynamically rendered inside of an email's subject line, sender information, email content, and text-only email. All fields are available, including custom fields from Sugar.
    Email templates allow you to reuse your designed emails to help you quickly generate new campaigns, and ensure consistency across your campaigns and conformity to company standards. We recommend you create at least one template that contains global styles, company logo and colors, and social buttons. Alert Email Templates are required for all alert steps in nurture campaigns.
    Access existing campaigns built with Email Builder 2.0 by navigating to Manage > Campaigns > Single Emails.

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