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Sugar Market was formerly known as Salesfusion.



You can create Accounts directly in Sugar Market or sync from your external CRM.

Accessing Accounts

Click the Accounts icon in the global navigation bar to open the Accounts module. You can also access Accounts by navigating to Manage > CRM > Accounts. 
SM UG Accountsmenu

Identifying Key Accounts

Key Accounts represent your highest value accounts with which you aim to engage through personalized messaging and experiences. Selecting your key accounts allows you to keep track, rank, and easily access the accounts that are most important to you.

To identify a key account:

  1. Use your preferred method to navigate to the Accounts module, as shown above.
  2. Select an account name to open the account record.
  3. From the context menu, select "Mark Account". The account will now be labeled with a gold star in the Accounts list, and the Mark Account option in the context menu changes to "Unmark Account".
    SM UG Accounts key

Locating Key Accounts

You can sort the Accounts list by clicking the star icon in the header row to display all key accounts first. Click the star again to return to the default sort order.

SM UG Accounts sortkey

You can also see the top 5 key accounts you have identified in the Global Dashboard's Marketing Qualified Accounts card, ranked by highest to lowest account score. Expand the card to see all of your key accounts with their scores, the most recent activity of account contacts, account demographics, and the account owner.

Searching for Accounts

To search for a specific record in the account list, type a term in the search field at the top of the page and then press your Return key or click the magnifying glass icon. you can search the account list by name, city, state, or phone.
SM UG Accountssearch

Sorting the Accounts List

Sort the account list by clicking a column header or by using the sort icon in the toolbar:

SM UG Accountssort

Creating Accounts

To create a new account in Sugar Market:

  1. Click the Create button in the toolbar.
    SM UG Accountscreate
  2. Identify a name and select an owner for the account, and then click the Create button.
    SM UG Accountscreate2

Working with the Account Card

The Account Card provides detailed information about an account, its associations, and its activities. The Account Card is comprised of the following:

SM UG Accounts accountcard

Account Card Toolbar Actions

The following actions are available in the Account Card toolbar:

Role selection: The current role is displayed in the toolbar. Click the User Roles icon to select another role and view the details layout assigned to that role.
SM UG Accounts cardtoolbar1

Context menu

SM UG Accounts cardtoolbar2

  • Assign Layout: Assign a details layout to specific roles. This option is available to those with the Admin role.
  • Mark/Unmark Account: Identify the account as a key account or remove an existing key account designation. This option is available in the context menu.
  • Merge: Merge another account into this account so that it absorbs contacts, tasks, and web activity. Web activity is only brought over if the account names match exactly. All contacts in the merged account are brought into the master account. Sugar Market will then compare the fields and take what is needed from the account, and then the absorbed account will be deleted.
  • Delete: Delete the account from Sugar Market. This option is available in the context menu.

Create: Create a new contact, task, or opportunity for this account.

SM UG Accounts toolbar3

Account Summary

The account summary includes identifying details and the account score.

Account Details

The Account Details tab includes account data as specified by the layout assigned to the current role. Users with the Admin Navigation role can edit card field data and layouts.

To edit account data:

  1. Click the Edit Fields icon in the bar below the account summary. The Edit Fields dialog displays.
  2. Make the desired changes and then click the Save button.
    SM UG Accounts editfields

Note: You can also edit fields while editing the details layout, as described below.

To edit the account details layout:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the bar below the account summary.
    SM UG Accounts editlayout
  2. Drag fields to the desired location.
    SM UG Accounts movedetail
  3. Hover over a field to edit its value or to delete the field.
    SM UG Accounts editdeletedetails
  4. Click the checkmark icon to save the new layout.

Note: You can grant role-based access to your edited layout by selecting the "Save as new layout" option. Refer to the Role-Based Record Layouts page for more information.

Account Contacts

The Account Contacts section displays the contacts and leads associated with the account. Click the name of the contact to open the record.

To create a new contact from the Account Card:

  1. Click the Create button at the top of the page, and then select "Contact". The Create Contact dialog opens.
  2. Complete the Create Contact form as fully as possible, including GDPR consent confirmation, and then click the Create button.
    SM UG Accounts createcontact
    Note: You can also create contacts directly in the Leads and Contacts module.


The Tasks section displays all tasks associated with the account. 

To create a new task from the Account Card:

  1. Click the Create button at the top of the page, and then select Task. The Create Task dialog opens.
  2. Complete the Create Task form as fully as possible, and then click the Create button.
    SM UG Accounts createtask


The Opportunities section lists the opportunities associated with the account.

To create a new opportunity from the Account Card:

  1. Click the Create button at the top of the page, and then select Opportunity. The Create Opportunity dialog opens.
  2. Complete the Create Opportunity form as fully as possible, and then click the Create button.
    SM UG Accounts createopp

Web Activity

The Web Activity section displays the rolled-up web activity of all contacts associated with the account.
SM UG Account webactivity

Anonymous Web Activity

The Anonymous Web Activity section displays the web activity of all unidentified visitors to the account's website. The source is "Organic" for visitors who directly navigated to the site and "External Link" for those who arrived by following a link. Once a contact is identified by a form submit, the associated anonymous web activity is removed from this list and is attributed to the contact in the Buyer's Journey.
SM UG Accounts anonactivity

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