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Hint 2.0.0 Release Notes


This document describes any new features, enhancements to existing features, fixed issues, and known issues for the 2.0.0 release of Hint. For information on supported platforms, please refer to the Connectors Supported Platforms page.


The following features are included in this release of Hint:

  • Company news : The News section of the Hint panel displays recent news stories about the lead's or contact's company.
  • Hint dashboard on record views : The Hint panel is now automatically available as a stand-alone dashboard on the Contacts and Leads record view.
    Note: Customers upgrading from Hint 1.0.0 will need to delete the unused Hint dashlet from their affected dashboards.
  • Enhanced data for record creation : Hint data is retrieved and copied to your new record when creating a contact or lead. Populate the email address followed by the Enter key to retrieve and import the enhanced data.
  • Additional company information fields : Hint now retrieves three additional fields to capture a company's SIC code, NAICS code, annual revenue, and fiscal year end.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in this release of Hint. Case Portal users can use the following links for more details about each issue:

  • 79079 : Accessing the Hint panel via the Preview button when merging contacts or leads does not display enriched data.
  • 79080 : Accessing the Hint panel via the Preview button on Global Search or a bug, tag, call, or meeting record will not display the Activity History as expected.
  • 79081 : Checking the "Enabled edit the Preview pane" via Admin > System Settings does not allow contacts and leads to be edited via the Hint panel when previewing the records.
  • 79087 : Calls and meetings in Hint's Activity History section incorrectly display the record's creation date rather than the start date.

For more information on installing and activating the connector, please refer to the Hint Installation Guide. For more information on using Hint, please refer to the Hint User Guide.

Last modified: 2020-07-29 04:45:46