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Hint Installation and Administration Guide


Hint is a relationship intelligence service that displays external information about your contacts, leads, and accounts in Sugar. Data such as social media accounts, work information, and company details are visible for contacts and leads based on their email address and for accounts based on their websites and company names. Users can also quickly import the enriched data into the Sugar database with a single click. This guide walks through the steps to install and configure Hint in an on-site Sugar instance as well as how to uninstall the package. For information on using Hint once it has been installed, please refer to the Hint User Guide.


Hint can be purchased by contacting your Sugar partner or representative. An admin user must then download the Hint package and install it to your instance using the instructions in this guide. The package will be available for download after you receive your purchase confirmation email. After installing Hint, SugarCRM will automatically upgrade Hint for cloud instances as new versions are released. If your instance is hosted elsewhere, an administrator must install Hint and, as new versions are released, upgrade Hint using Module Loader. 

You must be an administrator to access Module Loader as required by this guide. Also, please ensure that you have upgraded your Sugar instance to at least the minimum supported version of Sugar. For more information on supported platforms, please refer to the Connectors Supported Platforms page.

Note: Current and prospective Sugar customers can request an evaluation or demo of Hint from Sugar's home page.

Downloading Hint

Once you have purchased a Hint license and received a confirmation email, customers can use the following steps to access and download the Hint package:

  1. Log in to your account. For more information on setting up a account, please refer to the Managing Your Sugar Subscription article. 
  2. Navigate to your Software Downloads page.
  3. Select "Relationship Intelligence" from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.
  4. Expand the panel that shows your current version of Sugar and click on the appropriate .zip file to download Hint.

You may now install the .zip file to your Sugar instance using Module Loader. Please refer to the Installing and Upgrading Hint section for further instructions.

Installing and Upgrading Hint

For on-site Sugar instances, an administrator must install Hint and, as new versions are released, upgrade Hint using Module Loader. Customers on Sugar's cloud service will only need to install Hint initially; upgrades will be applied automatically. To get the latest software package, follow the steps in the Downloading Hint section.

When it is installed, the Hint package merges changes to several layout and JavaScript files. If you have other customizations in these files, it is recommended to back them up prior to installing the Hint package. For more information, refer to the Using Hint With Your Sugar Customizations article.

Use the following steps to install or upgrade Hint:

  1. If you are upgrading Hint on a Sugar version lower than 8.1.0, or if you are upgrading from Hint 4.1.x on any Sugar version, please uninstall the previous version of Hint before continuing with these steps.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Module Loader.
  3. Click the "Choose File" button to find and select the .zip file you downloaded in the Downloading Hint section.
  4. Click "Upload".
    Hint Install Upload
  5. Once the new version of Hint appears in the lower panel, click its adjacent "Install" button.
    Hint Install Install
  6. Click "Commit" to begin the installation.
  7. Finally, clear your browser's cache before using or configuring Hint.

Note: To ensure that installed fixes take effect after upgrading your Hint installation, all users should clear their browser cache and then log out and back into Sugar. If other integrations are affected by the installation or upgrade of Hint, perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild, which often resolves installation issues. 

Uninstalling Hint

Uninstalling the Hint package will remove Hint from your instance if you no longer wish to use the service. Also, for instances running a Sugar version lower than 8.1.0, Hint must be uninstalled prior to upgrading to a newer Hint package.

Uninstalling or upgrading Hint on Sugar versions lower than 8.1.0 will remove certain layout and JavaScript files from the instance. If these files contain customizations made outside of Hint, those customizations will be lost when the uninstall of Hint removes the files. As a workaround, it is recommended to back up these files prior to uninstalling Hint, complete the uninstall, then restore the files. For more information, refer to the Using Hint With Your Sugar Customizations article.

Use the following steps to uninstall Hint:

  1. Navigate to Module Loader.
  2. Find the active Hint version in the upper panel of Module Loader and click its adjacent "Uninstall" button.
  3. Choose the row in the table below that applies to you and complete the relevant step on the Ready to Uninstall screen:
    Hint Version Do You Plan to Upgrade? Recommended Action to Take
    4.0.0 and lower Yes Cancel out of this uninstall procedure. Older versions of Hint may not offer the "Do Not Remove Tables" option. You will lose your accumulated Hint data by uninstalling. To avoid this loss of data during an upgrade, please proceed directly to the Installing and Upgrading Hint section now.
    No Proceed with uninstalling Hint. All data associated with Hint will be permanently removed from your instance.
    4.0.1 - 4.1.1 Yes Select "Do Not Remove Tables" to keep the fields added by Hint in Sugar, then proceed with uninstalling Hint.
    No Select "Remove Tables" to permanently delete all data associated with Hint from your instance, then proceed with uninstalling Hint.
    5.0.0 and higher Yes Proceed with uninstalling Hint. All data associated with Hint will remain in your instance. 
    No Proceed with uninstalling Hint. All data associated with Hint will remain in your instance.
  4. Click "Commit" to begin uninstalling Hint.

Sugar will take several minutes to complete the uninstall process and then display a confirmation. If you followed these steps to remove Hint altogether, you have completed the process. To install a new version of Hint in place of the uninstalled version, please proceed to the steps in the Installing and Upgrading Hint section.

Admin Configuration

Optionally, an administrator user can configure the fields shown in the Hint preview panel for leads, contacts, and accounts. Each module's Hint panel may be configured independently.

The following sections describe the available Hint fields and how to configure the Hint dashboard panels for your users' needs. 

Understanding Hint Fields

Hint adds a new panel to the bottom of record view layouts in the Contacts, Leads, and Accounts modules, which causes the Show More panel to be automatically expanded. The Hint panel displays the fields added by Hint during installation. 

The following custom fields will be added to your modules and their record views. An administrator user can add these fields to other layouts (e.g. Mobile, List View, etc.) if desired via Admin > Studio. For more information on modifying layouts, please refer to the Studio documentation in the Administration Guide.

Display Label Database Name Type Added to Accounts Added to Contacts Added to Leads
Annual Rev hint_account_annual_revenue_c TextField  
Company Description hint_account_description_c TextField  
Company Facebook hint_account_facebook_handle_c URL
Company Location hint_account_location_c TextField
Company Size hint_account_size_c TextField
Company Twitter hint_account_twitter_handle_c URL  
Company Website hint_account_website_c TextArea    
Education hint_education_c TextField  
Education Additional hint_education_2_c TextField  
Facebook Link hint_facebook_c URL  
FY End hint_account_fiscal_year_end_c TextField
Industry hint_account_industry_c TextField
Industry Tags hint_industry_tags_c TextField
NAICS Code hint_account_naics_code_label_c TextField
Previous Jobs hint_job_2_c TextField  
SIC Code hint_account_sic_code_label_c TextField  
Twitter Link hint_twitter_c URL  
Year Founded hint_account_founded_year_c TextField

Hint also uses some of Sugar's stock fields to store enriched data. The following stock fields in the Contacts, Leads, and Accounts modules are populated when downloading Hint's enriched data. If you have modified your layouts to remove these fields, you may want to add them back to your Contacts and Leads layouts via Admin > Studio. For more information on modifying layouts, please refer to the Studio documentation in the Administration Guide.

Display Label Database Name Type Populated for Accounts Populated for Contacts Populated for Leads
Account Name account_name TextField    
Annual Revenue annual_revenue TextField    
Office Phone phone_work Phone  
Description description TextArea ✔     
SIC Code sic_code TextField    
Title title TextField  
Twitter Account twitter TextField    
Website website URL   ✔ 

Configuring Hint Layouts

Administrators can navigate to Admin > Hint Layout to personalize the Hint preview and dashboard panels by showing, hiding, and rearranging the displayed fields. The Hint Layout screen displays all of the fields found in Studio for the module as well as the Hint fields for that module.

Note: The Company Website and Account Name fields are locked for editing because Hint is designed to always show these fields.

Use the following steps to modify the Hint layouts:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Hint Layout.
  2. You must separately configure the Hint layouts for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Select the appropriate module using the tabs at the top of the Hint Layout drawer.
  3. In the Field Selector section on the right, select and deselect the checkboxes next to the fields you would like to show and hide respectively. The layout preview to the left will instantly update with your selections. 
  4. Drag and drop items directly on the layout preview to rearrange the positions of displayed fields.
  5. Click "Save" to preserve the layout.

To customize the fields for all three Hint panel layouts, repeat the steps under each module's tab.

Restoring Default Fields

If you would like to revert the Hint layouts to their default state, use the following steps:

  1. Select the desired module (i.e. Accounts, Leads, or Contacts) from the tabs at the top of the Hint Layout drawer.
  2. Click on "Restore Defaults" at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Click "Save" to apply the default state to the selected module's Hint layout in Sugar.

To restore the default fields for all three modules, repeat the steps, clicking "Restore Defaults" under each module's tab.

Configuring the Hint Logger

The Hint logger writes log entries to the Sugar log to help you debug potential unexpected behavior. The default log level is Alert but it can be changed to levels such as Critical, Info, or Debug in Admin > Hint Configuration. Select the desired level in the dropdown menu in the Hint logger section and click "Save" to preserve the change. The new log level will be used immediately.

Resyncing With the Hint Insights Service

If you are seeing inconsistent behavior in notifications from the Hint Insights service, you may need to resync with the service. This inconsistency may manifest as changes to preferences and email addresses not taking effect.

To resync, click "Resync with the Hint Insights service" in the Hint section of the Admin page. A popup will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to proceed with the sync. It is important to note that performing a resync will cause any pending email digest stories to be lost and existing news to be cleared from the Hint Insights dashlet.

Notifications of all types will resume after the sync completes.

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