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Understanding Sugar's Release Cadence


Sugar is available through two deployment models: Sugar Cloud and on-site. Customers using Sugar Cloud, SugarCRM's Software as a Service (SaaS) model, have their instances hosted on our servers, whereas customers using the on-site model host their instances on their own servers or those of their partners. This article covers the different release cadences you can expect under each deployment model.

Sugar Cloud vs On-Site

Instances hosted on Sugar Cloud receive four releases per year containing new features as well as bug fixes. Sugar Cloud deployment ensures that you receive the latest features and fixes as quickly as possible.

Instances hosted on-site only receive new features once a year in a release that applies to both Sugar Cloud and on-site deployments. This annual release includes the changes from the preceding year on Sugar Cloud. In addition, three quarterly on-site patches are released which only contain bug fixes.

The below diagram demonstrates the cadence of Sugar Cloud and on-site releases:

Customers hosted on-site that wish to take advantage of the benefits of Sugar Cloud and its release cycle have the opportunity to migrate from the most recent on-site patch to the upcoming quarterly Sugar Cloud release at any time. For more information on migration or Sugar Cloud upgrades, refer to the Sugar Cloud Policy Guide.

With the quarterly release cadence, customers can expect fast innovation and a high-quality product with new features released frequently and bugs addressed in a timely manner.

Last modified: 2018-12-20 22:43:27