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Opportunities and Forecasts

The Opportunities and Forecasts section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting opportunities, revenue line items, and forecasts.


    The Opportunities module (for Professional and Corporate editions) and Revenue Line Items module (for Enterprise and Ultimate editions) contains two fields that function unlike any other fields in SugarĀ®. When the Sales Stage dropdown field is updated, Probability (%) field automatically updates with a corresponding value. In order to preserve this unique functionality, any changes to the options available in one dropdown list must be accompanied by changes to the other. Both dropdown lists, "sales_stage_dom" and "sales_probability_dom", must be updated when a change in either is desired so that the relationship between the two fields remains intact.
    Sales organizations may find it useful to track and report on opportunity life cycles. This article explains how to use Sugar Logic to calculate how long it took to close opportunities which were won. The data can be used to generate a report in Sugar for sales managers to understand the average length of a successful sales cycle for their team and create a plan for improvement.
    Your sales team has entered the sales opportunities into SugarĀ®; the next step to getting the most out of your CRM system is to use the data from these opportunities to create a sales forecast. Forecasting the sales pipeline allows management to see and plan for future revenue, analyze trends, and understand where current and future business is likely to come from. In the past, sales representatives often looked at their pipelines, thought about how likely their deals would be to close, and simply made up a number based on their confidence level of their deals. With a forecasting tool built into the CRM system, reps can eliminate much of the "gut feel" guess work and base their numbers on actual data. Forecasts are based on the monetary value of the opportunities in Sugar. Only users who are assigned opportunities or who have direct reports who have assigned opportunities can view the forecast worksheets and charts in Sugar.
    The progress of opportunities in Sugar is captured in a Sales Stage field. For revenue line item-enabled instances (available on 7.x Ultimate and Enterprise), the Sales Stage field is available on revenue line items. Other instances will display this field on opportunities records. This article covers the default values for the Sales Stage field and their suggested meanings. To edit or add to the default list of sales stages, please refer to the Adding Custom Sales Stages and Probabilities to Opportunities article.

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