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The Mobile section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting Sugar's various mobile applications. User Guides, Installation Guides, Release Notes, and Supported Platforms are also available from the Mobile Solutions page. 


  • Accessing Sugar From a Mobile Device

    Accessing your Sugar instance while away from your desktop computer is easy with Sugar's mobile solutions. This article explains how to access and work with your CRM from an app or mobile browser. 

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Activating the Sugar Mobile Plus Server

    This article details how to activate the Sugar Mobile Plus server. These steps must be done prior to installing/activating Sugar Mobile Plus on individual devices.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Adding Users to the Server

    Users must first activate and log in to Sugar Mobile Plus in order to be added to the Users page of the Mobile Plus server. Please note that you cannot manually add a user through the Sugar Mobile Plus server.

  • App Signing for MACS

    Sugar's Mobile Application Configuration Service (MACS) enables partners and eligible customers (i.e. Enterprise and Ultimate) to create and distribute custom-branded versions of the SugarCRM Mobile app. Before downloading your app from MACS for distribution, you must provide MACS with a certificate and other information in order to digitally sign the app. App signing allows the client (i.e. phone or tablet running your app) to identify who signed the app and to verify that it has not been modified since you signed it. The certificate serves as a virtual fingerprint that uniquely associates the app to you. This also helps iOS and Android ensure that any future updates to your app are authentic and come from the original author.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Changing the Login Credentials for the Server

    After the Sugar Mobile Plus server is provisioned, you will be provided with a temporary username and password in the Sugar Mobile Plus Activation Details email. You can change the username and password to something you will remember once you log into the server. This article will go over how you can update the login credentials for the Sugar Mobile Plus server.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Connecting Devices

    This article provides instructions on installing Sugar Mobile Plus on a mobile device and configuring it to work with your Sugar instance.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Copying the Calendar to iPhone's Calendar

    A user who uses Sugar Mobile Plus on an iPhone can have their meetings in Sugar Mobile Plus copied over to their iPhone's calendar (iCal). This article will go over how you can have meetings copied from Sugar Mobile Plus to iCal.

  • Editing Layouts for SugarCRM Mobile

    Admin users can easily customize their SugarCRM Mobile app layouts via Admin > Studio to suit their business needs. Studio is available when accessing the desktop version of the Sugar® instance. For more information about altering various mobile layouts, please refer to the Studio documentation.

  • Enabling Offline Access in SugarCRM Mobile

    SugarCRM Mobile allows users' mobile devices to access Sugar® records, manage daily activities, initiate phone calls, send SMS and emails, map addresses, and more while away from their computers. For instances running Sugar version 7.1.5 and above, administrators can enable offline capabilities for SugarCRM Mobile. This feature allows your mobile device to cache records for offline viewing as well as buffer changes you make to records while offline which can then be synced upon reconnecting. Viewing a record in any list view, record view, or edit view will cause it to be automatically cached to your local database. For more information on offline caching, please refer to the SugarCRM Mobile User Guide for your specific mobile device (i.e. Android or iOS).

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Filtering Records

    You can add rules in Sugar Mobile Plus to determine what records are downloaded to the device during the Initial Load. This article will go over how to set up the rule in Sugar Mobile Plus to filter out specific records.

  • Mobile Deep Linking

    Mobile deep links are custom URL schemes that allow a user to launch the SugarCRM Mobile app from links in a third-party or web application. For example, when a mobile device user receives a text or email message that contains a link to a Sugar® record, you want the device to recognize the deep link and open the record via the SugarCRM Mobile app as opposed to the mobile browser. This article will cover the different types of deep linking that are supported in SugarCRM Mobile and how to create proper URL schemes for Android and iOS devices.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Performing an Initial Load

    Sugar Mobile Plus has the ability to send an initial load to any user's activated device. An initial load will push all account records assigned to a particular user along with any related records. This allows users to gather their data into the Sugar Mobile Plus application all at once instead of having to manually download each record. 

  • Sending a Log File From SugarCRM Mobile

    When troubleshooting an issue in SugarCRM Mobile, Sugar's support team may ask you to email the application's log file directly from your mobile device. This file contains any errors that have occurred in your specific SugarCRM Mobile app which may assist in troubleshooting the problem. This article covers how to collect and send the log files from SugarCRM Mobile to our support team.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Sending New Configurations

    If you are already using Sugar Mobile Plus, then the Initial Load has already been completed. Moving forward, any time a change is made on the Sugar Mobile Plus server, those changes must be manually sent to all associated devices. Such changes in the server can include the addition/edit/deletion of a new field or new module or if new Initial Load Rules have been set.

  • Sugar Mobile : Troubleshooting on Blackberry

    When attempting to access a Sugar instance from a Blackberry Smartphone may result in the following message:

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Troubleshooting "Completed No Data" Message

    After the Initial Load process in Sugar Mobile Plus, the load status is changed to "COMPLETED NODATA" causing no data to be downloaded to your mobile device.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Troubleshooting License Error Message

    The Sugar Mobile Plus server is provisioned and activated successfully, but you receive an error message ("Subscription Not Found") when attempting to log in through your mobile device. This error message normally means that the license needs to be updated on the Sugar Mobile Plus server.

  • Sugar Mobile : Troubleshooting Missing Records

    After downloading the Sugar Mobile application on your mobile device, one or more modules may not display any data even though data is shown in the main Sugar application for the same modules.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Troubleshooting Records Not Visible

    A contact record created by a user is not visible in your mobile device even though the record appears in the user's device. You have already confirmed that new records are syncing properly between Sugar Mobile Plus and your Sugar instance.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Troubleshooting "User Already Registered" Message

    The Sugar Mobile Plus server is provisioned and activated successfully, but users receive an error message, "User Already Registered. Contact Administrator", when attempting to log in through their mobile device.

  • Sugar Mobile Plus : Understanding Record Updates

    You may notice that some records take longer than 1 minute to download data into Sugar Mobile Plus. The Sugar Mobile Plus server and your Sugar instance do not have constant flow of data as it is a polling-based service. So any updates in your Sugar instance need to be fetched as it will not be automatically sent to your mobile device.

  • Filtering in SugarCRM Mobile

    In the SugarCRM® Mobile app, you can easily filter lists of records in your module list view, related records list view, and Global Search page. This article covers the available filters in SugarCRM Mobile, as well as how to filter your list of records and sort the filtered results.

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