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License Management

The License Management section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting license validation in Sugar.


    When trying to connect to the Sugar Updates and License Validation servers, one of the following errors may be received:
    While utilizing Sugar®, you may notice the following message appear in your instance: "Warning: User licenses exceeded by 1". This article will cover the various reasons this warning message may appear and how to resolve the issue.
    If you cannot validate your license key through License Management by either clicking on the Validate button or following the manual validation process after moving Sugar to a new server, there are several potential causes. Admin users may see the following alert:
    Your Sugar® subscription includes a specific number of allowed users. If you navigate to Admin > User Management, you will see that there are several different user types. This article explains the different user types and which of these user types count against your subscription's user count.

Last modified: 08/31/2016 05:05pm