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Customer Inquiries

The Customer Inquiries section includes information specific to your account, downloads, interacting with Sugar Support, and contacting various groups within SugarCRM.


  • Setting up Access to the Support Portal

    Every SugarCRM customer is allowed at least one support-authorized contact, dependent on their purchased level of support. Only support-authorized contacts may submit cases to Sugar Support via the support portal. This article covers how a support-authorized contact can create an online account with SugarCRM and get set up for support portal access.

  • Understanding the Support Portal Bug Fields

    The Bugs module in the SugarCRM Support Portal allows you to search and view product defects, enhancement requests, and platform improvements for the Sugar application, plug-ins, mobile solutions, etc. This article will describe the meanings of each field available in the Bugs module.

  • Using the Support Portal

    The SugarCRM® Support portal allows support-authorized contacts to create, review, and manage their support cases. Sugar partners have the added ability to create and manage cases on behalf of their customers. In addition to managing cases, portal users can search and access product defects, enhancement requests, and platform improvements via the Bugs module in the portal. This article covers the basics of utilizing the support portal to create and manage cases as well as access bugs filed for Sugar. If you would like additional information regarding the basics of Sugar's user interface as well as how to perform common tasks or operations in the application, please refer to the User Interface documentation.

Last modified: 08/31/2016 05:01pm