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Customer Inquiries

The Customer Inquiries section includes information specific to your account, downloads, interacting with Sugar Support, and contacting various groups within SugarCRM.


  • Changing My Account Information

    To change your account information, such as your email address, password, and so on, submit a support case through the online SugarCRM Support Portal. If you do not yet have access to the Support Portal, please send an email to Please be sure to include your company name in your request.

  • Ensuring Your Sugar On-Demand Software is Up-to-Date

    Your Sugar On-Demand software will be kept up-to-date with the latest patch version available. Patch updates are usually applied within 30 days of the patch's release date.

  • Obtaining a Copy of Your On-Demand Data

    Customers hosting their instance of Sugar on our on-demand environment may desire a backup of their instance files and data for various reasons such as local sandbox development, in-depth analytics, data auditing, etc. Backups can easily be scheduled and provided on a one-time or recurring basis, based on your organization's need. Please note that on-demand instances are automatically backed up on a nightly basis and maintained for a period of 30 days.

  • Setting up Access to the SugarCRM Case Portal

    Every SugarCRM customer is allowed one to four Support-Authorized Contacts depending on the purchased level of support. Only Support Authorized Contacts are allowed to submit support cases via the case portal to SugarCRM Support.

  • Submitting Screen Shots to Sugar Support

    When working with Sugar support to troubleshoot an issue with your instance, including screenshots in addition to a thorough description can be very helpful. This article covers how to capture screenshots for Mac and Windows as well as best practices for submitting the screenshots to Sugar Support.

  • Understanding SugarCRM's Bug Portal Fields

    The SugarCRM Bug Portal allows you to search for product defects, enhancement requests, and platform improvements for the Sugar application, plug-ins, mobile solutions, etc. This article will describe the meanings of each field available in the bug portal.

  • What Is a Support Authorized Contact?

    A support authorized contact is an individual designated to work with SugarCRM Support. Authorized contacts will receive notifications of new product releases, and will be granted access to the Support Portal. An authorized contact can be a technical systems administrator or a business owner of the system. An authorized contact should serve as triage for your organization's end users.

  • Where Do I Find the Latest Software Downloads?

    You can access your purchased product through the SugarCRM Support Portal.

  • Who Do I Contact When My Download Key Doesn't Work?

    Your download key may have expired. A download key is valid for one year from when it is first issued. Please contact to renew an expired download key. If you are having issues downloading software from, please

  • Who Do I Contact for Technical Support Questions?

    The Sugar Support team will help you with any of your technical support questions with your Sugar On-Site or Sugar On-Demand installation. Please note that support services from SugarCRM Inc., are only available for subscribers of Sugar Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, or Ultimate. Please see the Support Services overview for more information on the different support service levels available from SugarCRM Inc.

  • Who Do I Contact for Training Questions?

    Sugar University offers platform training and certification for end users, administrators, developers, and solution architects. The SugarU mission is to ensure that all customers have access to online and live training courses that facilitate user adoption through continuous learning focused on Sugar features, functionality, and scalability.

  • Who Do I Contact if I Receive No Welcome Email?

    You will receive two automated emails from SugarCRM after you purchase Sugar online. First, you will receive an automated email containing a copy of your invoice from The email subject will look like: SugarCRM: Order #4000 notification.

  • Who Do I Contact to Order More Subscriptions or Renew My Subscription?

    To order additional subscriptions or renew your existing subscription, contact the Sugar sales department at:

  • Who Do I Contact to Upgrade Support Levels?

    To upgrade your support level, contact the SugarCRM Customer Advocate group at

  • Who needs a Account?

    Individuals can register for an account on, however, this is only necessary for users wanting to take advantage of certain actions or portions of the site.

  • Working With Sugar Support

    While our Knowledge Base and other online resources are available for all Sugar users, subscribers to our paid editions also have the ability to contact Sugar Support for assistance. Here are some useful things to remember when contacting Support to help expedite the process and enable us to best serve you.

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