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Activities (Meetings, Calls, Tasks) and Calendar

The Activities and Calendar section includes topics covering understanding and troubleshooting working with calls, meetings, tasks, and the Sugar calendar.


  • Integrating With iCal

    Sugar calendars can be shared and viewed with various iCal-compatible calendar applications such as Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. The Sugar calendar events are viewable as read-only in the external calendar applications, and any edits to events (e.g. meetings, calls etc.) can only be made in Sugar.

  • Relating Activities to an Account and Contact Simultaneously

    Activity records such as calls and meetings can be related to another record via the Related To field as a means of recording the topic or attach the activity to other relevant information. This creates a two-way link between the activity and the other record, allowing each to be seen while viewing the other. In the case of the Accounts and Contacts modules, when a specific contact and account are related, you may want activities that are related to either the account or contact record to be visible from both records. This article covers how to relate an activity to an account and a contact record simultaneously so that it appears on both records.

  • Troubleshooting Feed Refresh In External Calendars

    Sugar's calendar may be viewed in many external calendar applications including on your mobile device. This conveniently allows your Sugar meetings and calls to be available in the technologies you are already using. For more information about viewing your Sugar events in external calendars, please refer to the Calendar Options section in the Getting Started documentation of the Application Guide for your particular Sugar edition and version.

  • Troubleshooting Meetings Not Appearing on Calendar

    A User's Calendar will display all Meetings for which the User is an attendee. Be careful: being an attendee of a Meeting is not the same as being the Assigned User.

  • Troubleshooting Viewing Sugar Calendar in Google Calendar

    This article will help you identify issues that may be keeping you from successfully viewing Sugar calendar items in Google Calendar and how to resolve them.

  • Troubleshooting WebEx Meetings Failing to Start

    Sugar's Connector for WebEx™ allows users to create meetings in Sugar® using "WebEx" as the meeting type. The related WebEx session can then be initiated or joined directly from within Sugar's Meetings module. While attempting to start the WebEx meeting in Sugar, you may encounter an unexpected behavior where the connector does not launch the WebEx session as expected. This article covers the possible cause of the problem and how to resolve the issue in your WebEx account settings.

  • Viewing Other Users' Calendars

    The Calendar module helps users view and manage their scheduled activities (Calls, Meetings, Tasks) in Sugar. Users also have the ability to view other users' scheduled activities via the shared calendar option.

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