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Accounts, Contacts, and Leads

The Accounts, Contacts, and Leads section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting these records which represent individuals with whom your organization has a current or growing relationship.


  • Differentiating Active and Dead Leads

    How can I separate dead leads from the rest in List View?

  • Leads vs Opportunities

    A Lead is a person who is a sales prospect. An Opportunity is the specific sales deal being pursued including the estimated dollar amount. The Opportunity record will be related to the Lead or Contact record of the person with whom you are hoping

  • Managing Accounts With Multiple Locations

    All SugarĀ® account records have a Member Organizations subpanel. This is where you can relate one or more other accounts to the account you are viewing. Member organizations are usually the one or more divisions or satellite companies of a larger company account. This tutorial will explain how to link a headquarters location (parent account) to its satellite locations (child accounts) using the Member Organizations subpanel. Creating the parent-child relationship will make it possible to do enhanced reporting and use Sugar Logic to pull information from the parent account record to the child members.

  • Troubleshooting New Lead With Pre-Dated Email

    After creating a new lead, the History sub-panel shows email that pre-dates the creation of the lead.

  • Troubleshooting Sticky Account Names on Leads

    In SugarĀ®, users have the ability to type any text they choose into the Account Name field on a lead record. Entering text in this field does not create a relationship between the lead and an account record. Rather, it is meant to be an informal record of the lead's organization that does not require the organization to be entered as an Account record in Sugar.

  • Understanding the Accounts - Contacts Relationship

    The stock Accounts-Contacts relationship is a many-to-many relationship. This means that a single account can be related to multiple contacts, and a single contact can be related to multiple accounts. The Sugar user interface, however, presents the relationship as if it were a one-to-many where a single account can relate to multiple contacts, but a single contact relates to only one account. As a result, some confusing behaviors can be experienced when working with accounts and contacts in Sugar.

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