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Sugar Enterprise Release Notes


Sugar is available for both on-demand (Sugar-hosted SaaS) and on-site deployments.

Administrator and End User

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements are included in the release:

  • Improvements to Global Search : Improvements have been made to the Global Search user interface and functionality (e.g. search tags, etc.). 
  • Knowledge Base user interface : The Knowledge Base module now uses the Sidecar user interface. 
  • Tag Management : Users with administrator or developer access can utilize the Tags module to manage the system-wide tag repository.
  • Tagging : Sidecar modules contain a Tags field where users can create and share tags which can be used to identify records in filters, dashlets, and reports.
  • Additional lead conversion options : Leads can now be converted by clicking the Unconverted button in the Leads record view, as well as by selecting the Convert option from the Leads subpanel actions menu.
  • Automatically associate module during lead conversion : Records will now be automatically associated during lead conversion if no duplicate records are found.
  • Lead Conversion Options setting: The Lead Conversion Options setting is now available in Admin > System Settings to handle activity records during lead conversion.
  • Collapse all subpanels option : Administrators now have the option to collapse all subpanels in Sidecar modules by default via Admin > System Settings.
  • Configuring team sets in process definitions : Administrators can now append and replace teams via Change Fields and Add Related Record actions.
  • Link to records in process emails : Related record URLs may now be embedded in process email templates.
  • Configuring team sets in workflows : Administrators can now differentiate between a record's primary team and its current team set in workflows.
  • Contact Type filter criteria added to D&B Build a List : The Contact Type field is now available as a filter criteria in the D&B People panel.
  • D&B Usage Meter dashlet : The D&B Usage Meter dashlet is now available to view a summary of used and remaining credit information for each available metered service (e.g. Accounts, Family Tree, etc.).
  • GU DUNS filter criteria added to D&B Build a List : The GU DUNS field is now available as a filter criteria in the D&B Company Information panel.
  • Expanded list views preserved : Filtered list views with "More records..." loaded remain expanded after in-line edits are saved. 
  • Group reports by week : Summation Report, Summation Report with Details, and Matrix Report can now be grouped by "Week" for Date and Datetime fields (e.g. Start Date, Date Created, etc.).
  • Intelligent subpanel filters for Cases module : When linking records via the Contacts subpanel in the Cases record view, the Search and Add Contacts drawer will automatically be filtered to only display contact records associated to the case's parent account.
  • Move recipients across To, CC, and BCC fields : Recipients can now be dragged and dropped across the To, CC, and BCC fields in the Compose Email window for Sidecar modules.
  • Move To BCC option : The Move To BCC option is now available when composing emails in the Emails module. 
  • Notification count in favicon : The favicon (SugarCRM cube icon) in the browser tab now displays the same number corresponding to the count in the notifications box.
  • Quotes Bill To and Ship To subpanels : The Quotes (Bill To) and Quotes (Ship To) subpanels are now available in the Accounts and Contacts record views in order to display the related quote records accordingly.
  • Search filter support for multiple Assigned to users : Multiple users can now be selected when creating search filters using the Assigned to field in Sidecar modules.
  • Timestamp for forecast's commit history : The Forecast module's commit history now displays a timestamp.
  • Total record count : The total count of records are now available in Module list views, Subpanel list views, as well as Search and Select list views.
  • Tracker support for Sidecar modules : Tracker sessions are now logged for Sidecar modules.
  • Traditional Chinese language supported : Users may now choose the traditional Chinese language as their preferred language in Sugar.
  • User selection list sort order : User selection lists previously sorted by username are now sorted by last name, first name.
  • PHPMailer : PHPMailer is now being installed by composer and upgraded to version 5.2.9.
  • Record view performance improvement : Improvements have been made to load record view layouts faster when multiple dropdown fields and values exist in the layout.   
  • Additional option for SAML authentication : The "Load login screen in same window to avoid pop-up blocking" option can now be enabled via Admin > Password Management to load the SAML login screen in the current window and prevent pop-up blockers from disallowing single sign-on.
  • SimpleSAMLphp library 2.6.1 supported : SimpleSAMLphp library 2.6.1 is now supported in Sugar.
  • Knowledge Base Categories & Published Articles dashlet on Knowledge Base list view in portal : The Knowledge Base Categories & Published Articles dashlet is now available on the Knowledge Base list view in the portal.
  • Sugar logic support for portal : Sugar logic is now supported in the portal.
  • Upgrade support on all database stacks : Upgrades are now supported on all database stacks (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, MSSQL). 

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved in version

  • 63642 : API calls including special characters may not function as expected.
  • 66022 : Viewing or replying to emails sent from Outlook on Windows improperly display extra lines in Sugar. 
  • 66965 : Defining the workflow action using the opportunity's Likely field that is no longer calculated may result in an internal server error when saving the opportunity record.
  • 67161 : Dependent dropdown fields may not display the correct values in the record view after creating or editing the record (e.g. opportunity).  
  • 69808 : The Sent folder may not sync as expected between Sugar and the external email client (e.g. Outlook) configured in the Emails module. 
  • 71146 : Custom modules disabled via Admin > Module Loader improperly continue to be available for selection in Admin > Search. 
  • 71451 : The "contact_id" field is improperly available to add to the Calls list view via Admin > Studio.
  • 72268 : Session locking may cause performance issues in Sugar.
  • 72345 : Some instances may have invalid upload folders (/upload:) appear in the Sugar file system.
  • 72609 : Diagnostic files produced by On-Demand instances may not include the ./custom directory.
  • 72786 : Users are improperly allowed to sort the Time To Expiry field in the Contracts list view.
  • 73204 : The Mobile EditView layout in Admin > Studio does not match the layout in SugarCRM Mobile as it incorrectly displays two columns instead of one.
  • 73389 : When installing a package via Module Loader and it fails the package scanner, clicking the links on the following Installation Failed page may not work as expected. 
  • 73637 : Performing an advanced search utilizing the Email field in Admin > User Management may not return search results as expected.  
  • 73832 : Mass updates will fail if more than 10 of the updated records trigger new processes.
  • 73838 : Custom recordlist.php files where the icon value is set as "icon-eye-open" may not get updated properly when upgrading to 7.6.x and cause the eye icon not to appear as expected.
  • 73936 : Certain characters can cause web logic hooks to not execute as expected. 
  • 73961 : Enabling the Log slow queries option with Slow query time threshold field set to "1" in Admin > System Settings may result in a PHP fatal error. 
  • 74096 : Changing the instance's opportunity model from "Opportunities and Revenue Line Items" to "Opportunities" may result in internal server error and issues accessing your Sugar instance. 
  • 74345 : Removing and replacing connectors from a process definition's design via the Undo and Redo buttons may cause issues with other canvas elements.
  • 74768 : Email content is formatted incorrectly when replying to plain text emails received from inbound email accounts. 
  • 74835 : For instances deployed on Oracle, processes may not appear as expected in the Processes list view or dashlet after upgrading from to
  • 74846 : Loading more records in the subpanel by clicking the More {Module Name} link or sorting in the subpanel (e.g. Quotes subpanel) may result in duplicate records improperly displaying in the subpanel.  
  • 74854 : The Top 10 Sales dashlet for opportunities may not display any data as expected when the Next Quarter option is selected.
  • 74871 : Opportunity workflows with an Active status may be set to "Inactive" after upgrading to  
  • 74967 : The assigned user's team may not automatically be added to new or updated records after upgrading from to 
  • 75077 : The TPL_MASSUPDATE_TITLE label may be translated incorrectly for the Swedish language pack.
  • 75315 : Records imported from D&B do not include the international country code in phone numbers as expected.  
  • 75436 : Certain Danish language files may contain incorrect variables resulting in Javascript errors. 
  • 75561 : The Process business rule may not display in the designer as expected after the upgrade and improperly display a warning message if the condition includes any fields that are considered invalid for process business rule conclusions even though it is valid for conditions.
  • 75592 : Modified dropdown fields are improperly reverted after upgrading to and may not display the dropdown field as expected in modules.  
  • 75647 : Currency expression files do not get removed when upgrading from 7.5.x to 7.6.x, which may cause unexpected issues.
  • 75722 : Manually updating the public metadata javascript without clearing the entire metadata_cache table may cause the browser to reload indefinitely when accessing Sugar.
  • 75743 : Hovering over charts in reports may not display the total values as expected when logged into Sugar using Firefox and Internet Explorer. 
  • 75866 : If the primary language (e.g. Spanish) set via the Login screen is different from the system's default language (e.g. English) defined in Admin > Locale, then the user interface may not display using the correct language after upgrading to 

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker located at To view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using "" in the Targeted In Release field. Look for the bugs marked "Fixed" in the Resolution field.

Known Issues

The following are known issues in version

  • 53969 : The Projects module does not have the option (star icon) to designate records as favorites. As a workaround, the Favorites option can be enabled by changing favorites from "false" to "true" in the ./modules/Projects/vardefs.php file.
  • 64880 : Certain fields (e.g. email address, phone, etc.) in the Users module may not be available to add as field variables in PDF templates. 
  • 65527 : The SugarCRM® cube icon is used as the system-wide favicon even when "Display module icon as favicon" is enabled in Admin > System Settings.
  • 65647 : Users will not see updates to their avatar images without first logging out and back into Sugar.
  • 65674 : Selecting an item from the Recently Viewed list under the module tab does not correctly update the list to include the selected record.
  • 66209 : Help text is not being displayed.
  • 66520 : Notes may not be edited directly from the Contracts module's Notes subpanel.
  • 66573 : More than one user attempting to merge records simultaneously results in errors. 
  • 66580 : List view loads may experience performance issues as quantity of records loaded increases. 
  • 66826 : Numerical fields such as Bug Number may not be used with type-ahead functionality to generate a list of potential matches when relating records. 
  • 66842 : Relate fields cannot be sorted as expected in the list view.
  • 66900, 67294 : Resetting the forecast time period does not set the current time period correctly and causes various issues in the application.
  • 66910 : The notification for Cases module does not include the case number as expected when triggered via the workflow.
  • 66995 : The Display server response times option is improperly available to select via Admin > System Settings. 
  • 67445 : Multiple panels cannot be added as expected to the Record View layout in Studio.
  • 67886 : During lead conversion, the newly created opportunity record does not get associated to the Revenue Line Item, causing the lead conversion to not complete successfully. As a workaround, create the opportunity record during lead conversion then manually associate the opportunity to the Revenue Line Item. 
  • 68095 : Text provided for Campaign Tracker URLs is unexpectedly shortened after the first 30 characters.
  • 68112 : Matrix-type reports display incorrectly when exported to PDF.
  • 68245 : Calendar dashlet may be missing from Legacy dashboard after upgrading to 7.2.0.
  • 68426 : New panels added to the Record View layout in Studio do not display the panel options (Display Type, Collapse?) until the layout is saved in Studio.
  • 68440 : Quick creating (e.g. Leads, Contacts, etc.) via the Emails dashlet on the Legacy dashboard opens up the legacy create view instead of the sidecar record view.
  • 68461 : Searching by non-primary email addresses in the module's list view (e.g. Accounts) does not pull up results as expected.  
  • 68464 : Changes made to record view layouts via studio are not reflected when quick creating records until after the full creation view is used. 
  • 68975 : Changing the order of subpanels via Admin > Display Modules and Subpanels does not preserve the order upon save.
  • 68979 : Changing the currency of a quote multiple times may introduce rounding errors to the line item price fields.
  • 69382 : Campaign tracker URLs may log campaign status entries with no recipient information when clicked from outside the campaign email.
  • 69391 : Changes made to module names via Admin > Rename Modules are not reflected on list views columns for modules which relate to the affected module. The column names may be corrected individually by modifying each listview's column labels via Studio.
  • 69508 : Relating a new record via the Legacy module subpanel (e.g. Calls) in a module's record view (e.g. Leads) causes the Next and Previous buttons to no longer appear in the record view. Navigating back to the list view and selecting a record will correct the issue by restoring the buttons again in the record view. 
  • 69801, 69918 : Changing the style attributes for table tags, image tags, etc. on email templates via HTML may result in parts of the code getting removed upon save. 
  • 69985 : If a custom module has a relationship with an individual Activity-type module (e.g. Tasks), this related module may not be available to select when creating a workflow action to create a record in a module (Tasks) associated with the target module (e.g. custom module). As a workaround, create a one-to-many relationship between the custom module and the Activities module, and the appropriate Activity-type module (e.g. Tasks) will be available to select when creating the workflow action
  • 70024 : Scheduled reports may have incorrect or missing charts in the emailed PDF. Select "Print as PDF" from the report's Actions menu to see the updated chart.
  • 70106 : The Skype icon does not appear next to the phone number as expected when the SkypeOut integration is enabled.
  • 70124 : Studio's formula builder displays several undesired functions (getListWhere, isForecastClosed, isForecastClosedWon, and isForecastClosedLost). 
  • 70389 : Tabbing while inline editing the address block in the record view does not work as expected as it does not tab through all the fields (e.g. state, postal code, etc.) within the address block.
  • 70542 : The "Show Completed Meetings, Calls, and Tasks" option is not available in Calendar > Settings, which can cause performance issues in the Calendar module for users who have a large number of activity records. Setting Admin > System Settings > vCal Updates Time Period to "-1" will relieve the performance delay, however this will prevent user availability information from appearing when scheduling a call or meeting.
  • 70553 : Disabling export via Admin > Locale does not remove the Export option as expected from the list view.
  • 70601 : Custom HTML files including javascript may not render correctly after upgrade to 
  • 70751 : Modules set as disabled in Sugar continue to improperly appear in the Sugar portal. Administrators can disable the modules via roles in Sugar portal, which should resolve the issue.   
  • 71446 : For opportunities and revenue line items, changes made to labels via Studio > {Module Name} > Labels do not affect list view labels. Make changes to labels via Studio > {Module Name} > Layouts > List View to modify list view layouts.
  • 71807 : Studio layouts appear in reverse order when right-to-left themes are enabled.
  • 72000 : Changing the Admin user with user ID = 1 to a regular user may cause the system index to not index records properly in Sugar. To resolve the issue, change the Admin user (user ID = 1) back to a System Administrator User. 
  • 72022 : The Projects module is incorrectly available to select via Admin > Mobile.
  • 72098 : Clicking the "Restore Default" button in Admin > Studio automatically saves and displays the out-of-the-box default layout despite not saving the change in Studio.
  • 72264 : Clicking on the opportunity's name in the Quotes detail view after downloading the quote to PDF improperly redirects to the home page instead of the opportunity's record view. As a workaround, right-click on the opportunity name after downloading the quote to PDF and the opportunity's record view will open accordingly.
  • 72286 : The Opportunity module's amount fields cannot accept negative values.
  • 72326 : Restricting dropdown options (e.g. moduleListSingular) via Admin > Dropdown Editor applies to Process Author modules which may result in unexpected behavior.
  • 72409 : When generating a report, labels may improperly overlap in the chart (e.g. Vertical Bar chart) causing the labels to be unreadable. 
  • 72882 : When accessing Sugar using Internet Explorer, the date picker does not display properly and disappears when using the scroll bar on the page. As a workaround, scrolling with your mouse or trackpad will display the calendar picker properly.
  • 72887 : Customizing a role-list while creating a custom DropDown field in Studio causes the new field to not be saved. As a workaround, create and save the new field before making changes to any role-lists.
  • 72903 : The Save button on the Visual Design toolbar of a process definition does not consistently assume an inactive state to indicate that recent changes have been saved.
  • 72906 : Non-admin users who have developer-level role access to Sugar modules do not have access to the Process Author panel on the Administration screen. These users may navigate to Process Management via the Processes module tab menu.
  • 72956, 73729 : Populating a target list by selecting a report for a module (e.g. Accounts) may not add all records as expected if the report contains a large amount of data.
  • 73025 : Changes made to audited custom relate fields do not display in the View Change Log as expected. 
  • 73259 : Accepting or rejecting a recurring call or meeting accepts the first meeting or call in the series instead of the full recurring series.
  • 73372 : During process execution, the process user can edit the Assigned To field but it will not be saved. The process user should instead use the "Change Assigned To User" option in the target record's actions menu. This option must have been enabled by the administrator in the process definition's design.
  • 73379 : Process Author dashlets do not automatically refresh when toggling between tabs within the dashlet.
  • 73384 : Add Related Record actions cannot be used in process definitions when the target module is set to "Revenue Line Items".
  • 73391 : Process activities related to a lead or contact record cause the Suffix, First Name, and Last Name fields to display on separate rows on the form execution screen.
  • 73485 : Parent modules incorrectly appear in related module dropdown lists.
  • 73488 : Re-ordering list view columns does not work as expected for iPad and mobile devices.
  • 73490 : When a user's access to the Forecasts module is disabled, it improperly causes the Forecast Pipeline Chart dashlet to be unavailable to add even though the user has access to the Opportunities and/or Revenue Line Items module. 
  • 73492 : Sorting the Forecasts module by Likely, Best, or Worst fields may not sort by the base currency amount as expected.
  • 73674 : Creating and inserting a link in the body of the Knowledge Base article may not work as expected when accessing Sugar using Internet Explorer 11.
  • 73689 : When users adjust the list view or subpanel column widths, the user's preferred column size may not be preserved if the browser window is resized. 
  • 73929 : Cases created from inbound emails may improperly display the case's description as HTML.
  • 74118 : The My Items filter is incorrectly available for use in the Processes list view and dashlet.
  • 74382 : The Case Summary dashlet may not work as expected and cause an internal server error if the account record has a large number of related cases.
  • 74431 : Downloading a quote to PDF may result in a TCPDF error if the PDF file includes a header image and spans multiple pages.
  • 74628 : Certain workflows using a Relate-type field in the condition may fail to load as expected and result in errors after upgrading to 7.6.x.x. As a workaround, run the following query in the instance's expressions table: UPDATE expressions SET exp_type = "id" WHERE exp_type = "relate" AND lhs_field = "assigned_user_id"  
  • 74687 : Avatar field marked as required in Admin > Studio may cause Sidecar modules to not save as expected and result in an error.
  • 74818 : List view column widths for custom modules may appear collapsed after upgrading from Sugar 7.5.x.x to 7.7.x.x. To resolve the issue, administrators can navigate to Admin > Studio to change the module's list view column width or users can manually resize the column widths via the module's list view.
  • 74942 : Instances may experience intermittent errors involving the relationships cache file. As a workaround, remove /cache/Relationships/relationships.cache.php and run a relationship repair via Admin > Repair > Rebuild Relationships.
  • 75689 : Users assigned a role where access to the Contacts module is disabled may see the Import button improperly appear on the D&B: Contact Information dashlet which results in an error when clicked.
  • 75834 : Users assigned a role with Read Only permissions for a field in a module may not be able to execute approval processes for records in that module due to an internal server error.
  • 7590675942, 75968 : Setting export_excel_compatible to "true" in config.php may cause the outbound/inbound email's details (e.g. subject, body, etc.) or quote PDF files downloaded via the Quotes module to display incorrectly.     
  • 75916 : Customizing JS and other core files may cause customizations to not work as expected after upgrading to 7.7.x. 
  • 75919 : The health check may fail during upgrade if NULL values are detected in the language file. 
  • 75928 : A process definition based on a target module that has a custom relationship to the Knowledge Base module will throw an error if the process contains an Add Related Record > Knowledge Base action.
  • 75929 : For Change Field actions in a process definition, currency calculations that depend on the value of any other currency field do not work as expected.
  • 75931 : Process definitions cannot translate currency values entered as plain text via Constants > String, Number and Boolean in the formula-builder window. As a workaround, always add currency values to the formula window via Constants > Currency.
  • 75937 : Users assigned a role where access to the Project Tasks module is disabled are improperly able to create project tasks via the Project Tasks subpanel.
  • 75938 : The values may not display as expected for MultiSelect type fields in report results. 
  • 75939 : Importing a large number of  records (e.g. 8,000) in Sugar may fail to import as expected. As a workaround, break up the import file into smaller batches with less than 5,000 records. 
  • 75940 : Mass deleting more than 20 Account records with numerous related records may fail to delete as expected and result in an error. 
  • 75945 : The Workflow Definitions detail view may not display correctly when accessing Sugar using Chrome.
  • 75967 : Importing records to the Manufacturers or Tax Rates modules via Admin > Import Wizard may not import successfully due to errors. As a workaround, please add the tax rate or manufacturer records manually in Sugar or import records directly into the database. 
  • 76007 : Inline editing the User field for records in the module's list view (e.g. Accounts) may display an error upon save for users assigned a role with View and Edit permissions set to "Owner". Reloading the web browser will resolve the issue and display the updated assigned user's name for the record in the list view.
  • 76025 : Related record subpanels may not display as collapsed by default on the process's form execution screen, as well as the Targets record view after it has been converted.
  • 76040 : Certain modules may be marked as customized in Admin > Studio > Export Customizations after installing or upgrading to 
  • 76063 : Renaming custom modules via Admin > Rename Modules may not work as expected and display the module name incorrectly in certain areas of Sugar. As a workaround, change the module name in custom/Extension/application/Ext/Language/en_us.PKG.php, perform a "Quick Repair and Rebuild" via Admin > Repair, then change certain labels (e.g. LNK_NEW_RECORD) to reflect the correct module name via Admin > Studio. 
  • 76067 : Certain meters (e.g. Standard Contacts, Family Tree, Accounts) in the D&B: Usage Meter dashlet may not show the used credit levels in green. 
  • 76068 : The D&B: Usage Meter dashlet may not display correctly when the connector is enabled for the Standard license type.
  • 76107 : Generating Calls, Meetings, or Tasks reports grouped by "Day" for Date or Datetime fields (e.g. Day: Start Date, Day: Date Created, etc.) may result in a database failure error for certain database stacks (e.g. DB2).
  • 76112 : Adding the Calls module to the Convert Lead layout may cause unexpected errors during lead conversion. 
  • 76113 : When accessing Sugar using Chrome or Firefox, clicking the "i" icon for Call, Meeting, or Task record cells on the calendar view may cause the calendar grid to appear blank and improperly display the more information pop-up window at the bottom of the screen.
  • 76124 : Users assigned a role with View permission set to "None" for a module (e.g. Contacts) may be able to preview the module record via the Search and Add drawer for Sidecar modules. 
  • 76125 : The Tags field values may not appear in correct alphabetical order in the module's list view (e.g. Accounts). 
  • 76126 : When entering a dependency formula for a DropDown-type field, clicking the Cancel button on Studio's formula builder may not close the window as expected and result in an error.  
  • 76127 : Using the "strToUpper" or "strToLower" functions in the Sugar Logic formula may not work as expected and result in errors.
  • 76128 : Changes made to the kbdocument_status_dom dropdown list in Admin > Dropdown Editor may not be preserved as expected after upgrading to
  • 76129 : When a module is renamed via Admin > Rename Modules, the Related to field in Sugar continues to display the previous module name instead of the new name.
  • 76130 : Printing reports with charts (e.g. Summation-type reports) to PDF may not display correctly when logged in with languages using right-to-left script (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew).


Development Changes

Changes in release which may affect developers include the following:

  • SSL connections are now supported for connecting to MySQL databases.
  • A new lead's Status field is no longer hard coded to "New" in the bean's save() method. The default status value for new leads can now be controlled using metadata as in other dropdown fields.
  • The previously deprecated DBHelper class has been removed in Sugar 7.7. Developers should rely on the DBManager class instead.
  • The side-pane layout has been removed from default layout metadata used throughout the application. The side-pane layout was not used in the Sugar application and was therefore superfluous. This change does not affect the dashboard-pane or the preview-pane layouts.
  • The deprecated timeago Handlebars helper has been removed. This helper has been deprecated since Sugar 7.2.0. Developers should use the relativeTime Handlebars helper instead.
  • A new currency SugarObject implementation has been introduced that can be used in Vardefs. This makes it easier to add consistent currency field support to any Sugar module. To use it, add the currencyimplementation into the VardefManager::createVardefcall within a module's Vardefs as shown below:

  • The Sidecar bean getSyncedAttributes() function has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Developers should instead use getSynced() which has a different signature and allows you to check for specific attributes or retrieve them all.
  • Significant changes have been made to the Lead Convert panel in order to support automatically associating modules during lead conversion and to allow related activities to be moved. Existing customizations to the Lead Convert panel may not work after upgrade. Developers should verify that any existing customizations to the following Sidecar components work in a sandbox prior to upgrading: convert-main, convert-panel, convert-headerpane, convert-options, and convert-panel-header.
  • Global Search has been changed to use a new view containing new code. Developers who have customized the previous view will need to manually migrate their changes.
  • The "Rebuild Minified JS Files", "Rebuild JS Compressed Files", and "Repair JS Files"options have been removed from Admin > Repair. These actions can be triggered manually if necessary. See this post for more details.
  • The Duration fields in the Calls and Meetings modules have been changed to Integer fields.
  • The getSyncedAttributes() has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Developers should instead use getSynced() which has a different signature and allows you to check for specific attributes or retrieve them all.
  • The following config parameters have been added to support application-level caching in the database: external_cache_force_backend, cache_expire_timeout, external_cache_db_gc_probability, and external_cache_disabled_db.
  • The config parameter SAML_provisionUser has been added to define whether non-existing users should be auto-provisioned in Sugar when logging in via SAML.
  • CSRF tokens for form submissions are now supported.
  • API requests will not return records in excess of the "Listview items per page" setting in Admin > System Settings which is known in the config file as list_max_entries_per_page.
  • A new API endpoint /globalsearch has been added. For compatibility, the older /search API is still available.
  • The following entrypoints have been added to the REST API:
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/search/status
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/search/fields
    • POST /rest/v10/Administration/search/reindex
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/elasticsearch/mapping
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/elasticsearch/indices
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/elasticsearch/routing
    • GET /rest/v10/Administration/elasticsearch/queue
  • The Relationships module has been deprecated. Developers should now be using SugarRelationshipFactory to manage bean relationships. The Relationships table has been removed because it was superfluous.
  • Additional password hashing methods have been added and can be configured using $sugar_config.
  • A change has been made to Sugar's API to no longer JSON encode database-stored settings except for arrays. This may affect custom PHP code which reads administrative config settings which were previously unnecessarily JSON encoded. Values which appear to be JSON encoded (i.e. begin with {, [, ") will now be JSON decoded.
  • The usePreparedStatements config flag has been deprecated. The use of prepared statements will be implemented and enforced in a future release.
  • The help page documentation for the MassDelete API cal has been corrected.
  • Sidecar modules now support the AssignToUserAction Sugar Logic action.
  • Developers who have created custom Sugar field types should obey a new ellipsis_inline setting used in Sugar Field metadata to ensure the field displays properly in different views. This can be tested by adding your custom field type to a Global search (where ellipsis_inline is false) or List views (where ellipsis_inline is true).
  • The partial Handlebars helper now requires mandatory component and context values. The signature is now partial 'name' component object custom=options where 'name' is the name of the partial template (unchanged), component is the component used (e.g. layout, field, or view), object is the context, and custom=options are the hashed options (unchanged).
  • The jQuery UI library has been upgraded to version 1.11. Developers should re-test any custom code that makes direct use of jQuery UI APIs to ensure there are no unanticipated changes in behavior.
  • The app.utils.addNumberSeperators API has been deprecated and will be removed in 7.9. It is replaced by app.utils.addNumberSeparators which has the same functionality and signature.
  • The behavior of the SugarAnalytics API has been altered to improve performance. Existing customizations that use Analytics API functions may need to be updated.
  • The currentModule property in the config-drawer layout ConfigDrawerLayout has been deprecated. The this.module property should be used instead.
  • Customizable filter operators are now available on a per-module basis using metadata. For an example, see modules/KBContents/clients/base/filters/operators/operators.php.
  • Sidecar's View.Views.Base.PasswordmodalView has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Developers should ensure they are not using or customizing this view which was only used in Sugar Portal.
  • PHP 4 constructors have been deprecated in common SugarBean classes for Bugs, Cases, Contacts, etc. For example, use Bug::__construct() instead of Bug::Bug()
  • Use of CreateActionsLayout and CreateActionsView (create-actions) has been deprecated in favor of CreateLayout and CreateView (create). The Sugar upgrade wizard will make a best effort migration of deprecated create-actions customizations. Refer to this post for more details.
  • For Knowledge Base Categories module, new REST APIs were added for reading and manipulating KB category hierarchies.
  • A new boolean configuration setting SAML_provisionUser has been added that allows administrators to control SAML user auto provisioning. This setting is enabled (i.e. set to "true") by default.
  • The Select2 library used within the Sugar user interface has been upgraded to version 3.5.2. Select2 is used to display drop down fields, etc. Refer to the Select2 page on GitHub for more information. Developers should re-test any custom code that makes direct use of Select2 APIs to ensure there are no unanticipated changes in behavior.
  • A new config setting rest_response_etag_cache_age has been added that allows you to control the max-age value for the Cache-Control response header on REST API endpoints that support HTTP caching.
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) authentication has been added and can be enabled using a config setting, though it will be required in future Sugar versions. Developers need to use CSRF tokens on HTML forms used in Sugar's legacy modules. Refer to this post for more details
  • The $_SESSION object is no longer a standard PHP array but an object that implements the ArrayAccess interface. Because of this, developers should no longer use standard PHP array utility functions to access the $_SESSION object. Refer to this post for more details.
  • Sugar's Global Search framework now includes support for Elasticsearch Aggregations. Aggregation results based on Module, Assigned User, etc, can be returned by global search queries that include xmod_args=true parameter. Query results can also be filtered based on these aggregation buckets.
  • As part of the new tagging feature, a new tag field type has been introduced as well as a taggable SugarObject template that can be used to add tagging support to Sugar modules.
  • The Sugar REST v10 POST <module>/filter/count endpoint has been deprecated. The equivalent GET <module>/filter/count endpoint should be used instead.
  • Developers can now register multiple HTTP verbs at once for a single REST endpoint. When registering REST API endpoints using SugarApi::registerApiRest, the reqType parameter now supports passing an array of HTTP verbs. Refer to the example below:
    public function registerApiRest() {
    return array(
       'ping' => array( 
        'reqType' => array('GET', 'POST'),
          'path' => array('ping'),
          'pathVars' => array(''),
          'method' => 'ping',
          'shortHelp' => 'An example API only responds with pong',       
    'longHelp' => 'include/api/help/ping_get_help.html',
  • For Logic Hooks, it is now possible to use PHP namespaces to define your hook class. When a namespaced class is used, the file_path parameter should be left null. Refer to the example below:
    $hook_array['after_save'][] = array(
      'example logic hook',

Additional Product Information

Sugar does not include support for the following pieces of functionality:

  • Offline Client is not supported in Sugar 7.
  • Sugar Mobile Plus is not supported in Sugar 7.

Supported Platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 7.7.x Supported Platforms.

Last modified: 04/18/2017 03:34pm