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Sugar Community Edition 6.5 Administration Guide


  • Admin Wizard

    The Admin Wizard displays when you log into Sugar for the first time after installation. This wizard guides you through the process of branding, localizing, and configuring email settings in Sugar that will be applicable to all users in your organization. You can skip this step if you prefer to do it at a later time.

  • User Management

    This section describes how to manage teams, users, and roles.

  • Sugar Connect

    Connect to the various SugarCRM services where you can access the SugarCRM forums and Sugar Wiki, search FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), download the latest Sugar version, file and research reported bugs, request new features and more.

  • System

    This section includes options to configure system-wide settings that apply to all users in your organization.

  • Email

    Administrators can setup and manage mail accounts for inbound and outbound emails, including campaign emails, using the options defined in this section.

  • Developer Tools

    The Developer tools section displays options that enable you to build new modules and customize existing ones.

  • Bug Tracker

    This section provides the Releases option that enables you to maintain a list of releases for your product. This list will be available in the Release drop-down box that is displayed when reporting a new bug in the Bug Tracker module.

  • Employee Records

    As an administrator, you can create and manage employee records. When you create an employee record, it is automatically added to the Employees list as well as the Users list. Similarly, when you delete an employee, the associated user record is also deleted.

  • Advanced Configuration Options

    Advanced Configuration options enable you to exercise tighter control over user actions in your Sugar instances.

Last modified: 01/18/2016 02:24pm