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Sugar Developer Guide 7.7

The Sugar Developer Guide describes how to configure and customize Sugar by making code- and database-level changes to the Sugar file system. You will need direct access to the server along with the proper file-system permissions to alter files in the Sugar instance directory.

Sugar customers that are hosted on-demand cannot directly access their database's file system but can work with a Certified Sugar Partner to customize their Sugar deployment. For a list of Certified Sugar Partners, please refer to the Partner Page to find a reselling partner to help with your development needs. 


  • Introduction

    The Sugar Developer Guide is an essential resource for developers who are new to Sugar or to CRM and web-based applications. It describes how to configure and customize the Sugar platform for a broad range of tasks applicable to any organization that has a need to manage business relationships with people.

  • User Interface

    Sugar's user interface is dependent on the client (i.e. base, mobile, or portal) being used to access the system. Clients are the various platforms that use Sugar's APIs to render the user interface. Each platform type will have a specific path for its components. While the Developer Guide mainly covers the base client type, the following sections will outline the various metadata locations.

  • Data Framework

    The Sugar application comprises core elements such as modules, fields, vardefs, and other foundational components. The Data Framework pages document how these core elements are modeled and implemented in Sugar.

  • Architecture

    This section of Sugar's Developer Guide begins with a high-level overview of the Sugar platform's architecture and contains documentation on granular concepts in Sugar such as logic hooks, caching, logging, extensions, job queue, and more.

  • Integration

    Best practices when integrating and migrating Sugar.

  • Security

    Security documents for securing Sugars infastructure.

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