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Web Services

Sugar provides a Web Services API interface for developers to build integrations with Sugar for reading and writing data. Sugar provides Web Services APIs through the NuSOAP PHP implementation of the SOAP and REST protocol. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is used for making Remote Procedure Calls through the HTTP protocol by relaying messages in XML. The SugarSoap APIs, built on top of the NuSOAP PHP library, are included in the Sugar Community, Sugar Professional, Sugar Corporate, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Ultimate editions. REST (Representational State Transfer) is used for making method calls through HTTP protocol by sending and receiving messages in JSON/Serialize format. Framework supports the addition of multiple formats for REST. For example, you can add XML format to send and receive data.


  • REST

    REST service documentation.

  • SOAP

    SOAP service documentation.

  • SOAP vs. REST

    Information regarding SOAP and REST.

  • What is NuSOAP?

    NuSOAP is a SOAP Toolkit for PHP that doesn't require PHP extensions.

  • Versioning

    What is API versioning?

  • Method Calls

    The various methods of the v4_1 API.

  • Extending Web Services

    The guide will demonstrate how to add your own custom methods to the REST and SOAP API or extend existing ones.

  • REST Release Notes

    Lists changes between the different versions of the REST API.

  • SOAP Release Notes

    Lists changes between the different versions of the SOAP API.

  • Examples

    Examples of v4_1 Web Service API Calls.

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