Sugar 6.3

This version is no longer supported by SugarCRM.

SugarCRM regularly retires older versions of the Sugar application to focus on delivering higher quality in the latest and upcoming product releases. We recommend upgrading as quickly as possible to a supported version of the application.

For an updated schedule of End-of-Support plans, see Supported Versions.

Application Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Application Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Application Guide

Sugar Corporate 6.3 Application Guide

Sugar Professional 6.3 Application Guide

Sugar Community Edition 6.3 Application Guide

Administration Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Administration Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Administration Guide

Sugar Corporate 6.3 Administration Guide

Sugar Professional 6.3 Administration Guide

Sugar Community Edition 6.3 Administration Guide

Installation and Upgrade Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Sugar Corporate 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Sugar Professional 6.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide

Sugar Community Edition 6.3 Installation Guide

Sugar Community Edition 6.3 FastStack Installation Guide

Sugar 6.3.x Recommended Platforms

Offline Client Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Offline Client Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Offline Client Guide

Portal Installation Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Portal Installation Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Portal Installation Guide

Portal User Guides

Sugar Ultimate 6.3 Portal User Guide

Sugar Enterprise 6.3 Portal User Guide

Developer Guide

Sugar 6.3 Developer Guide