Sugar Community Edition 6.5.15 Release Notes


This document describes enhancements to existing features, known and fixed issues, supported platforms, and acknowledgments for Sugar Community Edition 6.5.15.

For information on Sugar installation, upgrade, and conversion packages, see this Knowledge Base article.

For information on Sugar Plug-ins download and installation, see this Knowledge Base article.

Feature Enhancements

Enhancements to existing features for Release 6.5.15 are listed below:

  • Contact emails rollup now optional : Administrators may now specify whether or not all emails related to contacts should appear in the history subpanels of the account records associated to the contacts. For more information, please refer to the Developer Tools documentation in the administration guide.
  • Removal of orphaned files : A new scheduler process removes files from the uploads directory which are associated with Sugar records which have been hard deleted from the database.
  • Stack requirements during installation : The installation package now checks for a PHP version of 5.2.2 or greater and that PCRE is present and active.

Fixed Issues

The fixes for Release 6.5.15 are detailed below:

  • 34785 : Custom relate field values appear as blanks in email templates.
  • 41662 : A user's default teams beyond the first default team are unexpectedly added to advanced search criteria when any team is selected as part of the search.
  • 48652 : When a dropdown or multiselect field contains a blank option, the blank option is not available for selection when editing a dashlet's filters.
  • 52331 : Dashlets set to "Do not auto-refresh" automatically refresh at intervals defined by the system's minimum refresh rate.
  • 55869 : During email configuration testing, self-signed certificates fail without correct error message when the SSL option is unchecked and IMAP is using STARTTLS.
  • 56228 : Relationship files are not removed from the file system after a custom relationship is deleted in Studio.
  • 56283 : Testing the SMTP settings in Admin > Email Settings may require the password to be entered each time without any notification.
  • 56423 : After creating custom relate fields on the opportunities and accounts module, auto-complete does not work when typing an account name in the Account field on an opportunity record.
  • 56573 : Custom scheduled jobs with classes defined will now properly update job status upon completion.
  • 56719 : Admin users are unable to change their default team to any team except "Global".
  • 57382 : Custom radio button fields do not enforce single option selection when included on the convert lead layout.
  • 57555 : The first day of the week as specified on a user's profile is saved incorrectly as one day prior.
  • 58055 : Cases created automatically from an inbound email and attached to a contact based on matching email address are not also automatically related to the contact's account.
  • 60403 : Clicking 'Clear' before running a search on a module's basic search does not return the list view to the default sort order.
  • 60675 : Custom flex relate fields do not display data on list views.
  • 60838 : Users with a role defined at the module level as "Access Type" set to "Amin" and Edit set to "None" are able edit and relate records on the relevant module.
  • 61172 : Saved import mappings do not map correctly when importing directly after a failed import using the "Import Again" button.
  • 61386 : The parameter "$language" is misspelled making it impossible to specify a language in the function loadModuleTitles.
  • 61491 : Importing a contact via a vCard incorrectly places the string "Imported" in the Title field.
  • 61859 : Creating a custom relate field to the Contacts module on the Leads module causes lead layouts to fail with an error when the field is named contact_c.
  • 62049 : Custom date fields on a custom sale-type module do not allow date selection from the calendar icon in quick create.
  • 62358 : A tag is not closed out properly in the DetailView.html file withing the InboundEmail module's files.
  • 62421 : Address blocks may not be added to quick create views.
  • 62451 : Attempting to test a connection to the Hoovers connector fails.
  • 62467 : Using a period as the thousands separator and a comma as the decimal separator causes currency fields to not be displayed correctly after saving.
  • 62763 : Multibyte character strings causes search to result in a blank page on a PHP version prior to 5.4.
  • 62971 : Tracker URLs included in a campaign's email template have the hyperlink incorrectly removed when the displayed text includes a colon.
  • 63301 : Searching using the "Between" operator on a date field does not require 2 dates to be populated.
  • 63398 : Time-elapse workflows may incorrectly be rescheduled when a second workflow is executed.
  • 63586 : Elasticsearch field mappings may be incorrect causing full text search to fail.
  • 63648 : Creating a workflow condition based on a field when there are many fields in the relevant module causes an error when deployed using the default value for max_input_vars with PHP 5.3.9+.
  • 63762 : Attempting to merge all case records from the Cases list view fails with an error.
  • 63887 : Accessing the Project Templates list view results in a blank page and PHP error.
  • 64066 : The URL field is incorrectly displayed when creating an external account connecting to GoTo Meeting from a user's profile.
  • 64417 : Full text search only indexes 15,000 records per module.

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker located at .To view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using "6.5.15" in the Targeted Release field. Look for the bugs marked "Fixed" in the Resolution field.

To report a new issue found in this release, use "6.5.15" in the Found in Release field. Check the Bug Tracker for known issues prior to submitting bugs. You will be able to update existing bugs with additional information, as necessary.

Supported Platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 6.5.x Supported Platforms.


SugarCRM would like to thank the following community members for their help in resolving issues in Release 6.5:

  • Alexei Avramenko, Letrium
  • Antonio Musarra
  • Aurélien Requiem, Loaded Technologies
  • Björn Schotte, Mayflower GmbH
  • Cedric Mourizard, Synolia
  • Daniel Gadd, Aura Information Security
  • Danil Sazonov, Richlode Solutions
  • Enrico Simonetti, InsightfulCRM, Australia
  • Fabio Grande, Poker SpA
  • Frank Saguma
  • Jason Eggers
  • Jeff Bickart, NEPO Systems, LLC
  • Jens Jahnke, Telematika
  • João Morais, DRI - Consultoria Informatica, Lda.
  • Johan Westin, Redpill-Linpro
  • Jon Auer
  • Jonathan Cutting, EnableIT SugarUK Technologies Ltd
  • Kawai Cheung, OSSCRM, Inc.
  • Masaki Fukumitsu
  • Matthew Poer, Profiling Solutions
  • Rasmus Haglund
  • Ray Gauss
  • Tony Lin, Kratos Defense
  • Yannick Biet, Captivea
  • Yoann Hercouet, System in Motion

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