Sugar Community Edition 6.5.4 Release Notes


This page describes fixed issues, supported platforms, and acknowledgments for Sugar Community Edition 6.5.4.

For information on Sugar installation, upgrade, and conversion packages, see this Knowledge Base article.

Fixed issues in Sugar 6.5.4

The following bug has been fixed in Sugar 6.5.4:

55775 — Non-admin users cannot login after upgrading to Sugar 6.5.3

For more information on this bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker located at

To report a new issue found in this release, use 6.5.4 in the Found in Release field.

Supported platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 6.5.x Supported Platforms.


SugarCRM would like to thank the following community members for their help in resolving issues in Release 6.5:

  • Alexei Avramenko, Letrium
  • Danil Sazonov, Richlode Solutions
  • Jeff Bickart, NEPO Systems, LLC
  • João Morais, DRI - Consultoria Informatica, Lda.
  • Johan Westin, Redpill-Linpro
  • Kawai Cheung, OSSCRM, Inc.
  • Ray Gauss
  • Tony Lin, Kratos Defense
  • Yannick Biet, Captivea

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