Sugar Community Edition 6.5.3 Release Notes


This page describes fixed issues, supported platforms, and acknowledgments for Sugar Community Edition 6.5.3.

For information on Sugar installation, upgrade, and conversion packages, see this Knowledge Base article.

Feature enhancements in Sugar 6.5.3

  • Ability for admins to select panels and/or tabs to display information in Edit View and Detail View pages of modules

Fixed issues in Sugar 6.5.3

Due to the high volume of bugs fixed in Release 6.5.3, only bugs with escalations and High/Urgent Priorities have been listed below:

38801 — Related fields in custom modules do not save data for records created via Leads conversion

46410 — Clicking Forgot Password link displays the Sugar Login page instead of the Change Password page

51482 — Email addresses entered in CC and BCC fields in Emails module disappear in the Draft stages of the message

52000 — Selected records do not display in the sub-panel of records with custom one-many relationship between the module and itself

52021 — Deleting Group Inbound Mailbox does not remove it from the Emails module

52994 — Using Quick Search to populate the user's relate field changes the assigned user when adding a custom one-many relationship between Users and another module

54002 — Creating a custom module with Flex Relate field and relationship with Activities displays a database error

54003 — Emails in Inbox cannot be sorted by Date Sent order on MS SQL

54042 Opportunities List View page loads very slowly if there are field dependencies within the Opportunities module

For more information on a bug or to provide feedback, use the SugarCRM Bug Tracker located at view the complete list of bugs fixed in this specific release, run a search using 6.5.3 in the Targeted Release field. Look for the bugs marked Fixed in the Resolution field.

To report a new issue found in this release, use 6.5.3 in the Found in Release field. Check the Bug Tracker for known issues prior to submitting bugs. You will be able to update existing bugs with additional information, as necessary.

Supported platforms

For information on supported platform components, see Sugar 6.5.x Supported Platforms.


SugarCRM would like to thank the following community members for their help in resolving issues in Release 6.5:

  • Alexei Avramenko, Letrium
  • Danil Sazonov, Richlode Solutions
  • Jeff Bickart, NEPO Systems, LLC
  • João Morais, DRI - Consultoria Informatica, Lda.
  • Johan Westin, Redpill-Linpro
  • Kawai Cheung, OSSCRM, Inc.
  • Ray Gauss
  • Tony Lin, Kratos Defense
  • Yannick Biet, Captivea

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